Wednesday, July 6, 2022

95% clearance at wool sale

The 8600 bales of North Island wool on offer last Thursday saw a generally strong market with a 95% clearance, New Zealand Wool Services International’s general manager John Dawson said.

Despite the Weighted Indicator for the main trading currencies strengthening by 1.04%  compared to the last sale on November 22, local prices remained firm and in many cases increased slightly, pushing prices higher in overseas customer’s terms.

Dawson said fine crossbred fleece and shears 32 to 35 micron generally remained firm.

Coarse crossbred fleece and longer shears 36 micron and coarser ranged from firm to 2.5% dearer. The 2 to 4 inch shears were the only group to soften, easing by 1 to 2%. Shorter shears strengthened 1.5%.

Long oddments were up to 3% dearer with short types ranging from firm to 5% stronger.

There was limited competition with China dominating, supported by Western Europe, India, United Kingdom and the Middle East.

The next sale on December 6 comprises approximately 6000 bales from the North Island and 7600 bales from the South Island.

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