Sunday, March 3, 2024
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NZ-UK FTA a sweet deal for honey

A smorgasbord of horticultural produce and products look to benefit most immediately from the New Zealand-United Kingdom free trade deal that slices millions from tariff charges to this country’s oldest trading partner.

More details emerge on NZ-UK deal

Further details have been revealed on the New Zealand-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement, which is racing towards its final completion. Farmers Weekly recently revealed (see FW, August 23) that dairy sales will be greatly liberalised when the agreement is reached, probably with tariffs reducing to zero over several years.

Aus paves way for NZ-UK trade talks

Dairy and beef farmers look like gaining the most if New Zealand can match the market access Australia won in its new free trade agreement with the United Kingdom.

Tariffs on Australian dairy imports into the UK will be scrapped within five years and for beef and lamb within 15 years.