Friday, July 8, 2022

A hunting we will go

Alan Stewart’s love of hunting has grown into a family-run trophy hunting business.

At Leithen Valley Alan and his wife, Sue, along with their children Bridget (Bee) and partner Terry Bould, and Rachel with husband Olly Burke run trophy hunting alongside sheep, cattle and Red deer on their rolling to steep hill farm.

Son George manages a cattle station in the Northern Territory running 6000 cattle along with a water buffalo, wild boar and scrub bull hunting business the family part-owns.

Leithen Valley’s hunting lodge was built in 2000.

Farm Facts:


Stewart Family

  • Leithen Valley, Greenvale, Gore
  • Extensive 1450ha rolling hill property running sheep, cattle and Red deer (mainly for velvet) plus a 2000ha safari park/trophy hunting business
  • Sheep: 11,060 stock units
  • 9000 ewes (Wairere base with some Perendale and Coopworth genetics)
  • 2400 hoggets (500 lambed)
  • 150 rams and others


 Deer: 4122 deer stock units

  • 640 hinds (including  R2s)
  • 520 R3 plus velvet stags
  • 150 R2 stags
  • 650 weaners


Cattle: 2262 cattle stock units

  • 300 MA cows
  • 60 R2 heifers
  • 90 mixed-sex R1 cattle
  • 7 bulls
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