Thursday, May 19, 2022

Affordable portable satellite internet on the road

When Sandy Corbett received a cancer diagnosis at the beginning of 2021, she and her husband decided to retire early, sell the house and travel New Zealand full-time in a caravan.

When Sandy Corbett received a cancer diagnosis at the beginning of 2021, she and her husband decided to retire early, sell their house, and travel New Zealand full-time in a caravan.

The couple took ownership of their new Jayco 24.75-2 Silverline caravan in August last year. They needed connectivity, and the Jayco was fitted with a Wineguard system as standard on the roof. It incorporated a WiFi router, took a 4G SIM, and was supposed to be able to pick up weak cell signals. However, it seemed very slow and Sandy and Greg ended up using their iPhones or iPad. 

Jayco caravan

The couple’s new Jayco caravan

“We have 6 kids spread around the world and keeping in touch is very important to us,” says Sandy. “Also, some of our income comes from online work, and it is something that needs to be attended to daily. Internet connectivity is essential, and we wanted to stay connected everywhere. We did not want cell coverage to dictate where we parked.”

“We needed a solution that wasn’t dependent on mobile towers and would work nationwide,” says Greg. 

“When you’re on holiday, you can manage without connection for a short time,” says Greg. “But we’re not on holiday – this is our new life, and being connected is part of how we live now, so it’s great to know that we can get online relatively easily wherever we are.”

“Woi was great to deal with from the get go, with prompt emails and delivery,” says Greg. “Assembly was very straightforward and I loved the video instructions. The tripod that they supplied is such a game changer. I would recommend for everyone to go for that option.”

Woi dish and tripod

Sandy and Greg with their Woi dish and tripod

“Their seven day help desk support is outstanding. At first I had some trouble finding the satellite, but after a few minutes on the phone with their technician, we realised that my laptop was not connecting properly, and he arranged one of the tech guys to dial in and fix it. In 10 minutes it was all fixed, and since then there has been no problems connecting to the PC.”

“I found that finding the satellite connection got easier and easier each time I used it. One of the locations we like is in the Marlborough Sounds, where there has never been cellphone or internet connectivity. I love the fact that my Vodafone cellphone works for calls and texts while I am connected to the Woi internet.” 

Greg says he would recommend Woi Satellite Internet for 3 reasons:

  1. Support: Great people who know what they are doing
  2. Fantastic Coverage: We can camp anywhere we want and still be connected. It doesn’t limit where we stay, and if we leave the caravan and go house sitting we can take our internet with us.
  3. Reliable, consistent speed and connection: Once you’re on, you’re on
Cellphone coverage

Cellphone coverage doesn’t dictate where Sandy and Greg choose to park

Woi: Here for the long haul

Woi is part of MMG Communications, which has been helping people in rural and remote locations of New Zealand and the Pacific Islands for over 20 years. It has technicians, internet installers, and support staff who are well trained and highly experienced. And love what they do.  

What’s more – if you’re looking for a solution that offers true portable connectivity, go for Woi. Unlike Starlink, which is geo-locked to 25 kilometres from where the point where it is first set it up, Woi’s solution is able to connect no matter where you are in New Zealand, without geo-locking. 

Powered by superior satellite technology from Kacific1, Woi delivers high-speed broadband of up to 40Mbps at affordable prices using a small VSAT terminal. And because the signal from Kacific1 covers the entire country, you can get online no matter where you are. You can connect with suppliers and customers. You can use cloud-based services to manage your business. Your kids can do their schoolwork. You can get professional and scientific advice, keep up with developments and innovations, get help in emergencies and stay in touch with others in your community and with your kids when they leave home. 

If you are tired of waiting for fibre to be installed in your area. If you want to improve the way you manage your farm. If you want to stay connected to your family and community. Or if your kids just want to watch videos, then Woi has the perfect solution for you.

The team at Woi install nationwide and their website is able to accept orders and payments. Woi Satellite Internet can be reached on 0800 438 964 or via 

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