Friday, July 8, 2022

Anchor keeping it green

Anchor’s new lightproof milk bottles, made of the same plastic as previous bottles, are now part of a fully closed loop recycling system.

“Despite some consumer confusion, the Anchor lightproof bottle has always been recyclable,” Anchor Group marketing manager Craig Irwin said.

“It is made of the same high grade HDPE plastic and has already been recycled into a range of products. What we’re proud to announce today is that we have closed the loop by lining up recycling separators with recycled product manufacturers.

“We have worked with the recycling community to ensure the recycling separators are aware of the opportunities to receive high returns for the new bottles by selling to domestic recycling manufacturers, who say they have more than 100% capacity to use all Anchor bottles, rather than shipping overseas.”

Recyclers who have put their hand up to use recycled Anchor bottles in the manufacture of a wide range of products include Astron, Rural Direct, Comspec and Replas.

Recycled Anchor bottles have already been used in the production of recycling bins, slip sheets, cable covers, culverts, agricultural pipes and drainage coils.

Anchor will host the first of a four-monthly forum in October for recycling collectors, separators, product manufacturers and materials experts.

The forum’s aim is to foster collaboration and identify opportunities for increased use of recycled content in products made in New Zealand.

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