Friday, July 8, 2022

Aussie consignment failed bacteria test

A warning has been issued to Australian shoppers to beware of buying New Zealand dairy products on the internet along with news one consignment of whey to Australia failed a clostridium test.

In a joint statement the Australian Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Department and Food Standards Australia-New Zealand said customers should follow advice from NZ authorities when buying products on the internet.

And they revealed some of the 38 tonnes of whey contaminated with bacteria that could lead to botulism had been used in making products in Australia which had then been sent back to NZ.

One consignment was used as an ingredient in products that have been exported to NZ, Thailand, Malaysia and China.

The consignments were tested for Clostridia bacteria and found to meet commercial specifications for export. The Australian Government was working with the importing countries to trace the product.

Another consignment failed a test for the presence of Clostridia so was not allowed to be sold for human consumption.

But some of that product might have been sold as stock feed and tracing it has begun.

A body building supplement produced in NZ from the contaminated ingredient had been assessed by NZ as having negligible risk to human health because it has been subject to heat (UHT) treatment, the Australians said.

“We are working with the NZ Ministry for Primary Industries to verify that these are the only affected products.”

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