Sunday, August 14, 2022

Charlie Williamson

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Initially a cadet, after completing his Marketing and Communications degree at Massey University in 2021, Charlie Williamson began working full-time at GlobalHQ in the digital team. Since then, he’s been immersed in content creation (video and podcast editing; writing and social media). “I love the diversity in my work, and the fact that it feels like I am always learning. In my spare time, you’ll usually find me hunting, diving and playing a bit of footy.”

Kickstarting ag careers at Feilding High

With a primary sector that’s seeing rapid growth and a workforce desperate for young talent, Feilding High School has stepped up to the plate and is leading the way in preparing students for the diverse opportunities that come with a career on the land. Charlie Williamson took a look around campus.

Fighting fit on the farm

Kairanga dairy farmer and multi-sport enthusiast Mark Olsen is passionate about the positive effects exercise can have on a rural lifestyle. Charlie Williamson caught up with him to talk about his farming operation and the part sport has played in ensuring he enjoys what he does.