Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Kirsty Chidgey pets a pig at a Manawatū pig farm.

Concern draft code will hurt piglet welfare

The recently released draft welfare code for pigs will not only have a negative effect on farmers and piglet welfare, it will also affect the staff who look after them and consumers who want to buy fresh NZ pork, Manawatū pig farmer Andrew Managh says.

Community crucial for catchment groups

Farmers need to drive catchment groups from the bottom up but it’s those groups’ relationships with their wider communities that will ensure partnerships are inter-generational in improving water quality, while at the same time maintain vibrant rural communities.
Full stock trucks lined up on a Feilding street with cars driving between the two rows.

Carriers feeling the heat

Livestock carriers are coming under increasing financial pressure and some in the industry say unless changes are made to help alleviate that, more transport companies will be forced to follow the example of Wairarapa-based Pinfolds, which recently announced it was shutting its doors after 102 years of business.

Ag escapes spotlight but changes still needed

The focus on areas of the economy other than agriculture in the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report is because the potential to reduce worldwide emissions through agriculture is not as high as it is in other sectors, such as energy and transport, New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre director Dr Harry Clark says.