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Ross Nolly

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Ross Nolly is a photographer and writer based in Stratford, Taranaki. In 2005, after well over 20-years working in the retail meat industry, Ross decided to retrain as a freelance photographer and writer. Always a country boy at heart, he lives on a 1.2ha lifestyle block that was once part of his parents’ dairy farm. There he tries to live a simple self-sufficient life growing, farming and hunting most of his food. He raises rare breed chickens and ducks and has two precocious kunekune pigs who have decided that he is not their owner, but their staff.
Bethany Zhang with her partner Gordon and his son Jonathan Glentworth on the farm with their record-breaking Ayrshire herd.

A numbers game

A lifelong love of the Ayrshire breed and a focus on genetics has resulted in a Taranaki stud winning a prestigious title 23 times.
Wyatt 2

Three times a winner

A Taranaki farmer made history this year when he scooped the Taranaki Share Farmer of the Year title and became the first person to win all three Dairy Industry Award titles.
Hunger 2

A home for the herd

Installing a shelter for their herd that is used year-round, has benefited a Taranaki couple in more ways they could have imagined.