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Daily Digest: July 13, 2020

Kiwi farmers have often felt got at and isolated when confronted by issues beyond their control and a feeling the pressures on them come from unrealistic expectations generated by urban people influencing politicians.


Things not as bad as feared

Dairy farmers can’t yet breathe of sigh of relief but they can stop holding their breath.

The air is now clearing on what post-covid markets look like and the picture isn’t as bad as many feared.


We’re counting on farmers

All bets are off.
But hold your tickets.
There is good news among all the confusion and uncertainty created by coronavirus.
We’re still exporting our farm produce and people overseas are still buying it.

The world won’t end

Don't panic.

It’s not the end of the world yet.

I know coronavirus has much of the world in a tizzy while farmers here are wondering how they are going to get through the drought while trying to get out of the headlights of the oncoming juggernaut of environmental compliance.

Remember, things are rarely as bad as you fear they will be.


Trade deal blocks Kiwi cheeses

Some New Zealand cheese exports to China have been put at risk in a trade deal between the European Union and China, Dairy Companies Association executive director Kimberly Crewther says.