Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Big and better

Peel Forest Estate’s new $40,000, 540sq m deer shed epitomises Graham Carr’s management style of taking no half measures and getting the job done right the first time.

At the official unveiling, as part of the field day, he said the brief was for something functional and aesthetically pleasing that would fit in with the existing buildings, meet food product health and safety requirements, and cope with the harvesting of up to 12 tonnes of velvet.

He was pleased with the end result, in particular the health and safety details which include Agri-Mat Numat throughout to reduce the potential for injury and save wear and tear on deer feet, a central grated drain which took effluent out to a planted settling pond, and a high-pressure hose system to keep surrounds spic and span.

The shed uses a Gallagher TSi animal-management data system which captures and records key production data.

An elephant-sized crush is matched by an equally proportioned pergola on the outside built from several half-tonne beams. Although slightly aghast when he viewed it for the first time, the attention-grabbing finishing touch had “grown on him”, Graham said.

The Gallagher TSi recording hub inside Mount Peel’s new deer shed provides a wide range of “dashboard info” on deer. 

“It’s a one stop shop; it’s tough and robust for the shed but the software means data can be used on the home computer for further sorting and drilling down,” Gallagher technical support manager, Colin Ranby, said.

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