Friday, July 1, 2022

Bull sale average prices increasing

Kincardine Angus near Queenstown had a spectacular bull sale with a top price of $81,000 paid for Kincardine Rainstorme R25, a son of US bull Basin Rainmaker.

He is in the top 5% of Angus for self-replacing index, at plus $166, has great scrotal size, huge eye muscle area and positive fat coverings.

He has been used over heifers initially and then some cows and semen straws have been retained for stud use.

The purchaser is Meadowslea Angus, the Giddings family from Fairlie.

The Smith family at Kincardine sold 14 of 15 offered with an average of $14,585, about double their average of last year.

Kerrah Simmentals at Wairoa again started the 2022 bull selling season strongly with a top price of $27,000 for lot 2, Kerrah J354, described as a stand-out bull with large eye muscle.

There were also bulls at the start of the catalogue which made $16,000 and $18,000.

Vendor Jon Knauf offered 77 bulls after 10 withdrawals and sold 71 with an average price of $9493, about 10% better than last year when a top price of $45,000 had a big influence on the average.

On the same day, down south, Delmont Angus at Clinton in Otago had a top price of $15,000 for Delmont 5012, sired by Te Mania 17420.

Penvose 20774, a prize bull, in a paddock.
Penvose 20774, from the Wedderburn stud of the Duncan family, sold for $15,000 in the first week of 2022 two-year-old bull sales.

The Cochrane family sold 29 of 31 Angus bulls offered and averaged $7720, with a better top price and average than last year.

Gold Creek Simmentals, at Te Karaka near Gisborne sold all 29 bulls offered for an excellent average of $9111 and achieved a top price of $20,000 and made $18,000 twice.

Kaimoa South Devons at Eketahuna had a complete clearance of 21 bulls with an average of $9076 and a top price paid for Kaimoa Hank 036 of $16,000.

Penvose Angus, at Wedderburn, sold all 32 bulls offered by the Duncan family, had a top price of $15,000 for Penvose 20774 and averaged $7822, these figures being ahead of last year.

The purchaser of the top-priced lot 8 was Adam Lindsay of Creekside Farms.

Earlier during the week Puketoi Angus at Patearoa, South Otago, had a top price of $12,000 for Puketoi 20543, a son of Oregon Smokey,

They also had $10,500 paid for Puketoi 20572 and sold 20 of 24 bulls offered, for an average of $7050, slightly back on last year.

Glenwood Angus, Mosgiel, had a top price of $13,000 for Glenwood 1242 and $11,000 was paid for Glenview 1246. Their average for 12 sold out of 13 offered was $6680, down on last year’s $8200.

At the same sale Loch Lomond South Devons sold three bulls for either $4000 or $4500 each, compared with last year’s $5000 average.

Ruaview Simmentals and Angus at Ohakune made a top price of $8500 for Angus bull Ruaview Brickyard 2006 and $7800 (twice) among the Simmentals.

In the 19 Angus offered and 14 sold the average was $5500 and in the full clearance of 9 Simmentals the average was $6066.

Opawa Simmentals, Timaru, had a full clearance of 16 bulls, averaged $8500 and had a top price of $15,250.

Longview Beef Shorthorns, at Kerikeri in Northland, sold 19 of their 21 offered by the Dromgool family for an average of $4468 and a top of $6500 for Longview Ralph R30.

Matapouri Herefords, owned by the Clements family near Hikurangi in Northland sold 40 heifers for an average price of $2767 and a top of $4100.

Kaimoa Hank topped the South Devon bull sale at Eketahuna with $16,000.

Taiaroa Charolais, at Paerau, sold 26 of 28 offered with an average of $6400 and a highest price of $11,500.

Glendhu Shorthorn, at Heriot, Otago, sold 10 of 11 bulls offered and averaged $6060 with a top of $7800.

Leafland Simmentals, Mosgiel, sold 13 bulls of 19 offered with a top price of $19,000 for Leafland 200021, a polled son of Waikite AD2031 within the top 1% of the breed for all growth rates.

The Leafland average was $7460, ahead of last year. 

Most vendors were happy with increased averages and clearances compared with last year, even if their top price was matched.

At June 2 auctions in Taumarunui the Sherson family, with Black Ridge Angus and Shian Angus, are donating the proceeds of a bull sold by each of the studs to Starship Children’s Hospital, Auckland.

Teresa Sherson said they have a son diagnosed with leukaemia in October and while he still has 10 months of treatment to go, the family would like to give back to the amazing place that is Starship.

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