Wednesday, July 6, 2022

China still accepting Fonterra product

Fonterra whole milk powder and skim milk powder is still allowed to enter China but will need to pass additional border checks.  

But Chinese authorities have temporarily suspended importation of whey powder and dairy base powder (a whey based dairy ingredient used in the manufacture of infant formula) produced by Fonterra, or produced in Australia using Fonterra’s whey protein powder as an ingredient (including whey protein concentrate). 

 “Whole Milk Powder and Skim Milk Powder have not been suspended"

Gary Romano

NZ Milk Products Managing Director

China has also increased inspection and supervision at the border for all New Zealand dairy products, and indicated extra testing may be required.“MPI has confirmed that China has not closed the market to New Zealand dairy products – and that China is being quite specific about the range of Fonterra products which it has temporarily suspended".

“Whole Milk Powder and Skim Milk Powder have not been suspended,” said NZ Milk Products Managing Director Gary Romano.

“We have been told that MPI is not aware of any additional market closures.  It is, however, getting clarity on reports that Russia appears to have put a temporary ban on New Zealand dairy products.”

Fonterra is continuing to work closely with the Ministry for Primary Industries to manage food safety concerns in New Zealand and around the world. “Our top priority is the safety of consumers, and working with customers and regulators to make sure the public is protected.”Mr Romano said that the Co-operative will continue to assist officials in every possible way.

“We share the New Zealand Government’s objective of minimising any damage to New Zealand’s economy and reputation by restoring market confidence in New Zealand dairy products as soon as possible.  We are fully committed to allaying current concerns as quickly and effectively as we can.”

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