Sunday, July 3, 2022

Creating a future premium for New Zealand’s exports

Opportunities to assess pasture, check out the latest endophyte technology, and sample beef products are all on offer at AgResearch’s stand at the National Agricultural Fieldays at Mystery Creek this year.

“The theme of our stand is ‘Creating a Future Premium for New Zealand’s Exports’ and we’re showcasing AgResearch science onfarm, off-farm and in retail that all contributes to this,” AgResearch chief executive Dr Tom Richardson said.

“This fits in well with the Fieldays theme of ‘Getting Down to Business in the Global Economy’. If New Zealand is to achieve the government’s goal of 40% of GDP coming from export earnings by 2025, we need to ensure the maximum value for our agricultural exports.

“AgResearch is involved right throughout the production chain, from ensuring we’ve got the right pastures, with the best possible animals grazing on those pastures, that the products from those animals are sustainably produced, stored and transported to their markets,” Richardson said.

Farmers will be able to assess their pasture against a visual grass condition score, check out the different types of endophyte and what they can offer each farm as well as talk to pasture scientists.

The off-farm section highlights the ways AgResearch-developed technologies are helping protect Brand New Zealand in domestic and foreign markets, and how smart technology is turning the long boat trip from New Zealand into an opportunity to properly age meat for increased quality.

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