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Daily Digest: September 10, 2020

Project to repurpose farm plastic waste Remember a few years ago when it was announced plastic shopping bags would be phased out?

There was a bit of concern, to put it mildly, that it would be a big imposition for shoppers.

Given time and hindsight, everyone seems to have adjusted their routines and carried on shopping without much hindrance.

Plastics are bad for the environment. We in the primary industries know this better than many and are actively campaigning for a move back to sustainable fibres like wool.
But there’s still plenty of plastic in farming systems. So, new funding for a project to look at how to repurpose that plastic into usable products is great.

After all, we can’t implore people to wear wool for the good of the planet if we’re helping pollute it with the very plastics we’re against.


Bryan Gibson


Hybrid forage project under way

The increase in drought frequency across NZ is putting more seasonal pressure on farmers than ever.


Fonterra should be back in black

Fonterra is expected to declare a return to profitability in its 2020 financial results on September 18, and a modest dividend on supply shares and investment units.


Project to tackle ag waste gets funding

A project to repurpose agricultural plastics collected for recycling has moved a step closer to reality after receiving a funding boost from the Government.


Farming groups welcome visa changes

DairyNZ and Federated Farmers have welcomed the Government’s decision to create a new border exemption category to allow some overseas temporary work visa holders to return to New Zealand. 


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