Thursday, July 7, 2022

Dairy America to commence selling butter on GDT

On Monday an announcement was made that DairyAmerica will begin offering Unsalted Sweet Cream Butter on GlobalDairyTrade (GDT) from Trading Event 95 which takes place on July 2, 2013.  Specifications for this new product are yet to be released.  At present Fonterra is the only seller of butter on the GDT platform.  Fonterra currently plans to sell 45,790 tonnes of butter via GDT over the next 12 months.  In the year to 31 March 2012 the US exported 45,979 tonnes of butter of which approximately 2/3rds was shipped to the Middle East.      

Co-operatives Working Together (CWT) has assisted with the export of 23,463 tonnes of butter this year to date.  This indicates that the majority of US butter currently entering the global markets has received some financial assistance.  DairyAmerica companies have been amongst those who have recently received exports assistance from CWT.  The co-operatives that make up DairyAmerica are: California Dairies Inc, United Dairymen of Arizona, O-AT-KA, and Agrimark.  O-AT-KA describes itself as a “global leader in butter quality”, whilst the website of California Dairies Inc states the co-operative is “one of the nation’s largest butter manufacturers with 22 percent of the US. butter market share”.

 Map of DairyAmerica member plants


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