Sunday, August 14, 2022

Demand for feeder calves wavers

Most sales reported softer markets for the first week of August.
Calf numbers nudged above the 1200 mark at Frankton on Tuesday.

Demand for feeder calves wavered and most sales reported softer markets as the trading week went on.

A yarding of 300 were offered at Manfeild Park on Monday and Friesian bulls with age attracted extra attention to reach $160. Top Hereford-Friesian collected $300, matched by Belgian Blue-Friesian, and medium-type calves made $170-$200 for Hereford-Friesian and Angus-Friesian bulls. The pick of Hereford-Friesian heifer calves earned $110-$150, after which $30-$80 covered the remainder. That sale was backed up with a further 350 calves on Thursday where Friesian bull supply was higher than demand and prices eased, especially for small bulls. Good Friesian bulls eased to $100-$130 and small to medium, $40-$80. Dairy-beef bulls held at $210-$275 for the top pens and Angus-cross ranged from $70 to $220. Heifers made similar values to the Monday sale. 

There were 300 feeder calves offered at Reporoa on Monday and quality options continued to sell at the top end of the market. Friesian bulls reached $140 and medium types earned $90-$120. Heavy and well-marked Hereford-Friesian fetched $290 and medium weights returned $190-$240 where red colours realised $147 along with Angus-Friesian. Medium Hereford-Friesian heifers made $135 and red types earned $60-$80. The total tally grew by 55-head last Thursday and sellers met the market. Friesian bulls firmed $5 to $135-$145 for tops and medium $100-$125 and small, $40-$50. Hereford-Friesian bulls came back to $190-$250 and those with red factor and Speckly Park-cross returned $180-$195. A better top end of the black Hereford-Friesian heifers reached $170 and the balance sold for $137-$150 with red factor calves at $50. 

Calf numbers nudged above the 1200 mark at Frankton on Tuesday. Top Friesian bulls reached $160 but a large portion traded in the $90-$130 range and lesser lines returned $40-$70. Buyers were noticeably more conservative amongst the Hereford-Friesian bulls that topped out at $230-$260 while medium pens made $180-$200 and small, $90-$110. Bulls with red factor reached $130-$180, medium $80-$110 and small, $60-$70 with crossbred calves covered in that range too. Speckle Park-cross bulls were also a tougher sell than previous weeks at $70-$100 and heifers, $50-$60. Hereford-Friesian heifer prices improved slightly to $90-$160 for the top and medium lines and the balance sold for $40-$70. 

At Inglewood 150 calves were penned and a good bench of buyers meant a solid market. Top Friesian bulls made $95-$130 and medium, $80-$100. Black Hereford-Friesian returned $150-$305 and those with red factor, $150-$180. Shorthorn-cross made $150-$175, Angus-cross $90-$180 and Speckle Park-cross, $140. Top Hereford-Friesian heifers matched the Friesian bulls at $125-$130 while Angus-cross and Speckle Park-cross traded at $90-$125.

This article was written by AgriHQ analyst Suz Bremner. Suz leads the AgriHQ LivestockEye team, including data collectors who are tasked with being on the ground at sale yards throughout the country. Subscribe to AgriHQ reports here.

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