Friday, July 1, 2022

Disease on the move

Have you seen this disease? The wheat foliar disease tan spot made an unwelcome appearance in wheat crops through parts of Canterbury this season. It looks similar to strip rust minus the black fruiting bodies. Rob Craigie, of the Foundation for Arable Research (FAR), says the disease was first noticed in crops two seasons ago and now seems to be more widespread, particularly through South Canterbury.

The disease was particularly severe in a trial at Fairlie late in the season.

It was also seen in other parts of South Canterbury and at Methven at the end of the season.

Tan ppot is a significant disease in Australia, the US and Europe and has the potential to rob crop yields in this country.

Craigie says it’s a stubble-borne disease so it’s more of a problem in second-year or continuous wheats. It is a wet-weather disease spread by rain splashes. The disease can take off within seven days and is difficult to control because it cycles so rapidly.

There is no New Zealand data on chemical control, but Proline and propiconazole is mentioned in Australian data.

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