Wednesday, July 6, 2022

European farmgate milk prices at record levels

Farmgate milk prices during April 2013 were the highest they have been.

The latest LTO Nederland survey indicates the average price paid at the farmgate level for milk during April 2013 was €34.16 per 100kg standard milk.  

This is 6.2% or €1.99 above year ago levels.   This is the highest ever April milk price calculated since the start of the International Milk Price Calculation in 1999.  

This year milk prices have remained very flat with prices easing by less than 1 Euro over the past three months.  Typically farmgate milk prices are at their seasonal low during the month of April.  

Prices are expected to lift in the coming months and a number of dairy companies have already announced price increases.  Dutch dairy companies Friesland Campina and Doc Kass increased their milk prices in April by €2.50 and €0.71 respectively.  Meanwhile Belgium company Milcobel increased its milk price by €1.05.

More recently dairy giants Arla Foods and Friesland Campina announced further increases to farmgate milk prices of more than €3.00.  German dairy companies, DMK and Alois Muller, also increased their milk prices during May.   In the UK Dairy Crest and First Milk announced milk price increases that will take effect during July and August respectively.  


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