Friday, July 1, 2022

Favourable start to New Zealand dairy season

Seasonal calving is well underway on the majority of New Zealand’s dairy farms.  

Conditions for pasture growth have been favourable over the past fortnight which has helped build pasture covers levels.  The NZX Pasture Growth Index (PGI) indicates conditions have been better then normal for pasture growth through the winter months. 

The National PGI was up 11% during the June and July period year-on-year.  The National Index is weighted based on regional milk production volumes across New Zealand.  The index for the South Island indicates pasture growth potential was 29% better this year the the previous year.  The index is based on the main conditions that dictate pasture growth, being moisture, light, and temperatures. The index is not a measure of pasture covers but rather potential for growth.  

The improvement in pasture growth potential in the South Island this winter was primarily driven by warmer temperatures.  The National Institute of Atmospheric Research (NIWA) advised mild conditions were expected to continue through the late winter period when they released the seasonal climate outlook for the July to September period.  



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