Friday, July 1, 2022

Fonterra advises products from Wahaha, Coca-Cola and Vitaco are safe

Fonterra tonight confirmed that the products of three of its customers that received whey protein concentrate (WPC80), Wahaha, Coca-Cola and Vitaco, are safe to consume because of the way they are manufactured. These three beverage companies use whey protein concentrate in either  UHT, yoghurt or acid beverage products. Fonterra’s Managing Director of NZ Milk Products, Gary Romano, said: “Our technical teams have been working closely this weekend with Coca-Cola, Wahaha, and Vitaco and have established that the process used to manufacture their products would kill the bacteria that was in the affected whey protein concentrate.  “In the case of Coca-Cola and Wahaha, the combination of low pH and ultra-high temperature treatment gives us complete confidence that acid beverages and yoghurts (pH <4.5) are safe. In the case of Vitaco, the ultra-high temperature treatment gives us the same confidence.  “We appreciate the way these customers have worked so quickly with us through this process and are pleased to be able to reassure consumers of the safety of their products.” Vitaco Health Group which sells its products under the “Aussie Bodies” brand have reassured their clients that their products are safe.  “Aussie Bodies UHT (ultra high temperature) sports drinks contained whey protein from one of the batches concerned. UHT is universally regarded as a commercial sterilisation process. These products have been processed at extremely high temperatures to deliver a safe, sterile product and therefore do not present a risk to customers” advises Vitaco. Every batch of Aussie Bodies UHT product is produced under strictly controlled manufacturing conditions and is rigorously tested to ensure only safe product reaches its customers. None of Vitaco’s Aussie Bodies sports nutrition protein powders or bars contain the affected whey protein concentrate.
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