Sunday, July 3, 2022

Good demand again for wool

The 9500 bales on offer at last week’s North Island sale saw a 93% clearance with a generally firm market.

Wool Services International’s general manager, John Dawson, said the weighted indicator for the main trading currencies eased 0.94% compared to the last sale on November 8, helping local prices.

Dawson said that fine crossbred fleece was slightly in buyers’ favour with longer shears up to 2% easier and shorter types firm.

Coarse full length crossbred fleece and longer shears remained firm with 2 to 4 inch wools firm to 1.5% dearer and 2 to 3 inch up to 2.5% stronger. Crossbred oddments generally remained firm.

There was limited competition with China dominating supported by India, Middle East, Western Europe and the United Kingdom.

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