Friday, July 1, 2022

Good quality stock holds firm

The market at Pukekohe on Saturday, October 6 was good again, slightly up on previous weeks, Chris Humphrey of Livestock Market Auctions commented, probably due to more manageable numbers of cattle for sale.

More than two-thirds of the 700-head yarding of cattle at Stortford Lodge last week were yearlings, with good numbers of steers, heifers and bulls penned. This acted as a draw-card for a solid bench of buyers who came from many districts and bidding was very brisk on better bred lines but off-bred sorts struggled to attract much attention at all

A big yarding of store cattle saw prices fall an average 20c/kgLW on recent sales at Temuka last week as larger numbers of store cattle come into the market in the South Island. A good yarding of yearling cattle was offered with fewer R2 cattle. Poorer types proved difficult to sell.


There was a good yarding of some good store cattle lines at WELLSFORD last Monday, and the market was very strong, Grant Pallister of PGG Wrightson reported.

Three-year steers 580-660kg $2.03-$2.22/kgLW. Two-year steers 420-500kg $2.22-$2.46/kgLW, 400-420kg $2.17-$2.38/kgLW, 320-400kg $2.36-$2.52/kgLW. Two-year heifers 450-480kg $2.14-$2.24/kgLW, 400-450kg $2.03-$2.19/kgLW, 300-350kg $2.26-$2.31/kgLW.

One-year steers 300-350kg $2.38-$2.64/kgLW, 230-290kg $2.68-$2.97/kgLW, 200-220kg $2.75-$3.30/kgLW, 150-170kg $3.49-$3.80/kgLW. One-year heifers 310-380kg $2.36-$2.61/kgLW, 250-300kg $2.51-$2.67/kgLW, 120-166kg $3.25-$3.90/kgLW.

Prime cattle and sheep numbers last Tuesday were back on previous week, and so was market, Pallister commented.

Heavy steers $2.14-$2.28/kgLW, medium $2.23-$2.26/kgLW, light $2.18-$2.22/kgLW. Medium heifers $2.15-$2.24/kgLW. Heavy sows $1.58-$1.72/kgLW, medium $1.38-$1.51/kgLW, light $1.01-$1.28/kgLW. Heavy bulls $2.22/kgLW, light $1.85/kgLW.

Heavy prime lambs $117-$128, medium $108-$116, light $94-$104.

The store sheep market stayed very similar to the last two months.

Good store lambs $83-$85, heavy ewes $71-$79, medium $56-$70, light $38-$44.

The market was a little firmer on the previous week at KAIKOHE last Wednesday, likely reflecting some good weather in Northland recently, Vaughan Vujcich of PGG Wrightson reported.

Two-year steers made $2.20-$2.30/kgLW for a mix of whiteface, Angus and Angus-cross. Yearling steers, Shorthorn, Friesian, Angus and whiteface realised $2.45-$2.50/kgLW for heavier lines and $2.80-$3/kgLW for lighter. 

Yearling Friesian and whiteface bulls sold at $2.40-$2.50/kgLW, with weaner spring bulls fetching $450/head. 

Two-year whiteface heifers bought at $2.20-$2.50/kgLW. Yearling heifers, a mix of whiteface, Angus, Simmental and exotic-cross made $2.30/kgLW for heavier lines, and $2.70/kgLW lighter. 

Heavy cows sold for $1.55-$1.65/kgLW, medium $1.40/kgLW and light $1.10-$1.25/kgLW. 


The market at PUKEKOHE on Saturday, October 6 was good again, slightly up on previous weeks, Chris Humphrey of Livestock Market Auctions commented, probably due to more manageable numbers of cattle for sale. With steers to $1650 and heifers $1100, prime cattle sold very well and medium yearling cattle were very strong, with steers to $785 and heifers $730.

Best prime steers $1280 to $1650, lighter steers $870-$900, medium yearling steers $670-$785, weaner steers $430-$480, very small steers $268-$350.

Best prime heifers $950-$1100, medium yearling heifers $590-$730, lesser crossbred heifers $500-$610, weaner heifers $400-$465, boner cows $465-$900.

Numbers of cattle were back on Monday at KUMEU, Humphrey said, and buyers were cautious with many waiting for better grass growth before buying. Nice quality yearling heifers sold well enough to $715 and medium crossbred steers to $680.

Medium 20-month steers $790-$835, medium yearling steers $630-$680, medium weaner whiteface steers $548,other crossbred steers $415, good crossbred yearling heifers $715, weaner heifers $300.

Fat lambs $109, spring lambs $40, hoggets$90-$105.


Last Thursday’s store cattle sale at TUAKAU maintained the strength of previous weeks, PGG Wrightson agent Dave Munro said.

The yarding of 600 head met good demand, with 2-year steers showing “steady progress in the market”.

Some Hereford-Friesian 2-year steers at 425kg made $2.70/kgLW, or $1150, with other whiteface steers making $2.30-$2.35/kgLW. Exotic 2-year steers sold at $2.28-$2.35/kgLW and Angus-cross types at 398kg returned $2.56/kgLW, or $1020. Friesian steers, 400-450kg, fetched $2.12-$2.18/kgLW.

Yearling steer prices were consistent all the way through, Munro said. Whiteface steers at 440kg made $2.44/kgLW and steers at 380kg earned $2.56/kgLW. Steers at 332kg made $2.57/kgLW and others at 265kg, $2.84/kgLW. Angus steers, 260kg, returned $3.00/kgLW.

Some whiteface weaner steers at 178kg earned $690, with 160kg steers fetching $620 and 130kg sorts, $570.

In the heifer section, R2 heifers in the 400-484kg weight range sold at $2.27-$2.28/kgLW, or $950-$1105, and 350-400kg types made $2.24/kgLW. Whiteface yearling heifers, 347kg, traded at $2.36/kgLW, with brindle heifers at 344kg making $2.23/kgLW and whiteface heifers at 258kg, $2.71/kgLW. Some red-bodied whiteface heifers at 305kg earned $2.42/kgLW and whiteface heifers at 267kg fetched $2.50/kgLW.

Friesian bulls made $2.36-$2.37/kgLW.

The market at last Wednesday’s prime sale also remained firm, Munro said. Heavy steers at 800kg made $2.20-$2.25/kgLW, with 600-750kg steers earning $2.25-$2.40/kgLW and local trade steers, $2.22-$2.27/kgLW.

Heifers traded at $2.22-$2.30/kgLW and heavy beef cows made $1.60-$1.70/kgLW. Heavy boner cows earned $1.40-$1.70/kgLW and medium cows, $1.30-$1.40/kgLW.

Bull prices ranged from $2.20/kgLW to $2.56/kgLW. About 450 cattle were yarded.

Lamb prices were “buoyant” at last Monday’s sheep sale. Munro said the first of the new-season lambs made $129, with heavy old-season lambs returning $120-$129 and medium types, $105-$118. Good ewes with lambs at foot made $72 all-counted and mediums fetched $58 all-counted. Hoggets traded at $73-$123 and heavy prime ewes sold for $90-$96. Medium ewes fetched $88.


Yearling cattle predominated at RANGIURU last week, with steers and heifers offered in reasonable numbers although young bulls were in very short supply. Older and heavier steers continue to attract quite good money, almost all weighing better than 480kg receiving $2.18-$2.26/kgLW. A very heavy line, at 671kg, finished up at $1470, $2.19/kgLW and another, at 608kg fetched $1375, $2.26/kgLW. $1060-$1255 bought lots weighing 480kg plus, $2.08-$2.26/kgLW.

A decent offering of yearling steers in the 250-350kg range returned $600-$815. $2.30-$2.72/kgLW and a few smaller types made $540-$580, $2.26-$3.02/kgLW. The better heifers sold in a narrow range of $980-$1080, $2.19-$2.23/kgLW while useful yearling heifers made $580-$762, $1.90-$2.58/kgLW and any weighing 350kg and below sold at $580-$762, the good quality lots hitting $2.18-$2.72/kgLW, the lesser lines bringing $1.70-$1.90/kgLW.

Bulls at 656kg traded at $1465, $2.47/kgLW and a handful of yearling bulls went at $495-$530, $2.07-$2.15/kgLW. Prime bulls made $1145-$1780, $2.31-$2.54./kgLW. A single boner cow weighing 959kg made $1120, $1.88/kgLW, the rest of the boner section bringing $660-$850, $1.48-$1.74/kgLW with a few at $410-$480.

Good prime lambs traded at $124, selling from $98, with a few ewes making $77.


FRANKTON’s prime market remains stable, with not a lot of variation showing from week to week. A reasonable entry of ox produced sound results last week, according to NZ Farmers Livestock report. Most ox are trading at $2.22-$2.34/kgLW. A 708kg lot sold at $1579, $2.30/kgLW and any lot weighing 610-655kg made $1366-$1489, $2.22-$2.34/kgLW. The balance of the entry, all over 500kg, fetched $1126-$1318, $2.20-$2.33/kgLW.

The entire offering of prime heifers made $1019-$1384, $2.17-$2.26/kgLW and the few prime cows brought $951-$1113, $1.62-$1.67/kgLW while boner cows went at $405-$519, $1.11-$1.26/kgLW.

In the sheep section prime lambs were strong at $112-$127, a few store lambs making $92 while good ewes were $84-$96 and lighter, $65.

As at other  venues, yearling cattle provided the numbers at Frankton’s store sale with around 75% of the total of 680 head being in that age-group. More than 200 of them were heifers, a specially advertised consignment of South Devons making $680-$780, $2.52-$2.55/kgLW. A good number of heifers tipped the scales at 300kg and better and these lines returned $670-$770, $2.18-$2.$2.30/kgLW. Good Angus, over 200kg, brought $600-$685, $2.33-$2.56/kgLW, Hereford/Friesian in the same grade making $625-$695, $2.29-$2.52/kgLW. Good yearling steers, around 350-370kg, traded at $690-$870, $2.34-$2.55 but two very good pens of South Devons reached $910 and $936, $2.68 and $3.09/kgLW. At the other end of the scale 148kg Hereford/Friesians made $495, $3.34/kgLW.

$845-$940 secured the best Friesian bulls, $2.32-$2.33/kgLW and 312kg Herefords brought $890, $2.85/kgLW. Light Jerseys were $250-$350, $1.77-$1.84/kgLW. Two-year Friesian bulls made $1030-$1225, $2.17-$2.38/kgLW and tidy Herefords $1165, $2.86/kgLW. Heavy 2-year Hereford/Friesian heifers, 487kg, returned $1100, $2.26/kgLW with $950-$870 paid for other top lines, $2.22-$2.25/kgLW.

A fine but chilly windy day greeted a good turnout of predominantly local buyers at TAUPO last Thursday, Shane Scott of Central Livestock reported.

The 100 ewes with lambs at foot sold briskly at $71-$76 before the attention turned to the cattle sale.

Just shy of 400 cattle were offered.
The stand out of the day was the 1-year Friesian/Hereford steers with a top price of $810 for a pen of 20 weighing 241kg or $3.36/kgLW.
There was a good line up of 1-year Friesian/Hereford heifers. The tops at 300kg + were good value at $2.35/kgLW but the lighter 200-250kg types shot up to the $2.75-$2.90/kgLW range.

The dairy service bull market was steady with a good line of 2-year 480kg Angus bulls making $1350. A line of lighter 2-year Jersey bulls at an average of 320kg made around $800.


Due to the A&P Show, there were no sales at MATAWHERO last week.


More than two-thirds of the 700-head yarding of cattle at STORTFORD LODGE last week were yearlings, with good numbers of steers, heifers and bulls penned. This acted as a draw-card for a solid bench of buyers who came from many districts and bidding was very brisk on better bred lines but off-bred sorts struggled to attract much attention at all.

Three-year steers with weight made $1250-$1300 for Hereford/Friesians over 500kg, $2.20-$2.26/kgLW and solid Charolais, at 582kg, fetched $1362, $2.34/kgLW. In the 2-year steer pens 534kg went to $1220, another line at 469kg making $1138, $2.43/kgLW while a couple of lesser quality lines sold at $640 and $895. Buyers of yearling steers were offered some choice and paid $1060-$1180 for crossbreds weighing better than 400kg, $2.37-$2.48/kgLW. Good Angus, over 300kg, made $820-$920, $2.61-$2.72/kgLW. Nice Herefords, just over 200kg, went well at $625-$640, $2.78-$3/kgLW and 176kg Friesians brought $450, $2.56/kgLW.

Weight certainly paid in the yearling heifer section where solid exotic heifers around 400kg realised $885-$972, $2.14-$2.27/kgLW. $645-$750 bought useful Angus, $2.54-$2.74/kgLW and 308kg Hereford/Friesian made $765, $2.48/kgLW. A good many lots sold at $550- $680.

The yearling bulls were mostly Friesians and offered in quite big lines. The best made $668-$730, $2.60-$2.89/kgLW, some light lots selling at $400-$420. Two-year heifers were in very short supply. One 462kg lot made $1000, $2.17/kgLW, $715 paid for 329kg Angus and $900 for 421kg Simmental cross, $2.17 and $2.14/kgLW.

The store hogget market stutters to a close as two teeth start to emerge but over 1600 head were penned, most of these ewe hoggets from late-lambing flocks. These sold well enough at $105-$114, the heavier males going at $112-$123. A small line of new season’s lambs made a satisfactory $71. Interest remains high for ewes with lambs. $81 was top price and all other lines traded at $65-$76.


At STRATFORD last Tuesday, Hereford-cross ox, 565kg, made $2.12/kgLW, Sandra Englen of NZ Farmers Livestock reported. Friesian ox, 595kg, $2.02/kgLW, Angus/Friesian ox, 515-545kg, $2-$2.15/kgLW, prime Angus/Friesian heifers, 530kg, $2.10/kgLW, prime Friesian-cross heifers, 445kg, $2/kgLW, prime Hereford-cross heifers, 385kg, $1.81/kgLW, 3-year Hereford/Friesian steers, 510kg, $2.14/kgLW, 3-year crossbred heifers, 315kg, $1.40/kgLW, 3-year Hereford/Friesian bulls, 575kg, $2.26/kgLW, prime Hereford ox,

655kg, $2.24/kgLW, 30-month Jersey-cross steers, 380kg, $1.54/kgLW, 2-year Friesian-cross steers, 510kg, $1.90/kgLW, 2-year Friesian-cross steers, 475kg, $2/kgLW, 2-year Hereford steers, 465kg, $1.95/kgLW, 2-year Hereford heifers, 486.7-580kg $2.15-$2.16/kgLW, 2-year Jersey bulls (unsound) 405kg, $1.04/kgLW, Hereford/Friesian cows, 512.5kg, $1.69/kgLW.

Store Friesian cows, 485-580kg, $1.38-$1.525/kgLW, store Jersey cows, 446.7kg, $1.27/kgLW.

Empty Friesian-cross heifers, 447.5-560kg, $1.87-$2/kgLW, empty Jersey-cross heifers, 282.5kg, $1.58/kgLW, empty crossbred heifers, 362.5kg, $1.72/kgLW, empty Friesian cows 365-590kg, $1.44-$1.90/kgLW, empty Jersey cows, 425-462.5kg,$1.28-$1.34/kgLW, empty Jersey-cross cows, 395-512.5kg, $1.42-$1.44/kgLW, empty Ayrshire cows, 480kg, $1.42/kgLW.

Crossbred in-calf cow 312.5kg, $1.32/kgLW, Ayrshire in-calf cow 412.5kg, $1.16/kgLW, Friesian in-calf cow, 512.5-542.5kg, $1.38-$1.40/kgLW, Jersey in-calf cow, 435kg, $1.28/kgW.

Two-year Jersey bulls, 485kg, $870, 18-month Friesian steers, 245kg, $500, 18-month Jersey bulls, 335kg, $485, yearling Friesian bulls, 290kg, $500, yearling Charolais bulls, 205kg, $410, yearling Jersey bulls, 320kg, $610.

In-calf Friesian heifers, $900, in-calf Jersey and Ayrshire cows $600-$610, in-milk Ayrshire cows, $800-$850, in-milk crossbred cows $650-$1550, in-milk Jersey cows $1350, crossbred cows and calves $600, in-milk Friesian heifers $1275.

The October Cattle fair at Stratford saw a good crowd with healthy competition for well bred cattle, Englen commented. 800 cattle were sold.

Three-year Simmental-cross heifers 431.9-548.8kg $927-$1180, 3-year Hereford-cross heifers 548.8kg $1180, 3-year Charolais-cross heifers 431.9kg $927.

Two-year Hereford/Friesian rigs 420kg $875, 2-year Hereford/Angus steers 323.6-356.3kg $820-$890, 2-year Hereford/Friesian steers 381-563.3kg $850-$1235, 2-year Angus steers 410-583.8kg $1000-$1330, 2-year Angus/Friesian steers 515kg $1170, 2-year Friesian steers 428kg $860, 2-year Hereford-cross heifers 435kg $895, 2-year Hereford/Friesian heifers 333.8-620kg $730-$1330, 2-year Angus/Friesian heifers 333.8kg $730.

Fifteen-month Friesian steers 417.3kg $890, 15-month Hereford-cross heifers 347.5kg $790.

One-year Angus/Angus/Devon steers 181.3-212.9kg $615-$652, 1-year Angus/Friesian steers 205.6-231.3kg $565-$590, 1-year Angus/Simmental steers 343.8kg $850, 1-year Angus steers 262.5kg $660, 1-year Hereford-cross steers 280kg $670, 1-year Hereford/Friesian steers 208.1-332.8kg $595-$890, 1-year Hereford/Ayrshire steers 210kg $600, 1-year Friesian-cross steers 258.8kg $520, 1-year Hereford/Friesian heifers 244.3-261.4kg $605-$635, 1-year Hereford-cross heifers 243.3kg $595, 1-year Murray Grey-cross heifers 238.5kg $570, 1-year Angus/Friesian heifers 238.5-263.8kg $570-$645, 1-year crossbred bulls 269kg $515, 1-year Murray Grey-cross bulls 172.2kg $460.

Autumn-born Hereford/Friesian heifers 121.3kg $360, autumn-born crossbred steers 136.3kg $410, autumn-born Friesian bulls 131kg $452, 10-month Angus/Angus/Devon steers 157.7kg $520, in-calf Hereford/Friesian heifers 475kg $890.

Mixed-age dry ewes $50-$71.


A good crowd was seen at the RONGOTEA sale last week, Malcolm Coombe of NZ Farmers Livestock reported.

Two-year steers 450-500 kg made $930-$1100, $2.20-$2.35/kgLW, 400-450kg $700-$900, $2.30-$2.40/kgLW, crossbred $500-$700.

Two-year heifers 400-450 kg fetched $735-$780, $2.20-$2.35/kgLW, and other 2-year heifers ranged from $600-$700.

A good line of Friesian/Angus yearling steers made $855, $2.47/kgLW, and other good yearling steers sold in the $600-$720 range. Other yearling steers made $400-$500.

Yearling heifers reached $650-$715, $2.30-$2.45/kgLW. Autumn-born heifers made $400-$450, $3.50-$3.60/kgLW.

The line of advertised autumn-born bulls, weighing 184kg, made $610, $3.30/kgLW, while other autumn-born bulls were in the $500-$550 range.

Boner cows made $770-$910, up to $1.65/kgLW, and other cows fetched up to $500.

Ewes with lambs at foot realised $60-$75 all-counted, and medium mixed sex lambs made $90.

There was still a good sized yarding of calves last week. Friesian bulls sold at $110-$120, mediums $90-$100 and smalls $70-$80.

There were a lot more beef-cross calves, making up the majority of the yarding. Top whiteface bulls made $200-$215, with a lot around the $170-$200 mark. Angus-cross bulls were making $130-$150 for the tops, mediums $100-$130 and smalls $90-$110.

Charolais-cross heifers fetched $230. Top whiteface beef-cross heifers fetched $120-$140, a lot of mediums sold in the $90-$110 range and smalls reached $70-$80. Angus-cross heifers made $110-$150.

100 calves were yarded at the DANNEVIRKE calf sales, with the Friesian bulls making the same price as the beef-cross calves. The prices were similar to the previous week, but Friesian bulls are getting harder to find and the prices are lifting. Top Friesian bulls made $160-$180, good $100-$140, mediums $80-$100. Whiteface and beef bulls fetched $160-$180, whiteface and beef heifers $130-$150.

A very small yarding at FEILDING last Friday saw a slight easing in the sheep market, Chris Hansen of Elders reported. 

Ewes with lambs at foot eased on previous weeks but this reflected the quality, Hansen commented. Very good ewes with lambs traded at $67-$74 all counted, good $58-$64 and mediums $50-$56. 

The highlight was the first lot of spring lambs to come through the sale, which sold well. About 200 mixed-sex lambs sold at $82.50 for the top cut and $77.50 for the second.  

An easing in hoggets was also evident, with teeth cutting an issue. Very good male hoggets made $120-$125, good males $101-$108.50, and medium $94-$97. Good ewe hoggets sold at $90-$96, and mediums $83-$90.

It was a sound sale for the cattle at Feilding, Darrin Holm of Elders reported. 

The better of the 2-year steers fetched $2.50/kgLW. A line of top Charolais yearling steers at 430kg made $1100, $2.60-$2.70/kgLW, with the bulk of the other yearling steers on offer returning $2.70-$2.80/kgLW. 

Two-year Friesian bulls sold at $2.50-$2.55/kgLW, with heavy yearlings at 350-370kg realising $2.35-$2.45/kgLW, and lighter sorts $2.70/kgLW.

The 2-year heifers on offer traded at $2.15-$2.30/kgLW. The better of the yearlings sold at $2.70-$2.80/kgLW and others reached up to $3/kgLW. 


The prime lamb market at CANTERBURY PARK last Tuesday remained on a par with previous sales.

Heavy lambs $125, with a top price of $130, good lambs $116-$121, medium lambs $110-$114, lighter lambs $105-$108.

A lighter yarding of prime sheep saw the market remain strong.

Heavy ewes $110-$115, medium ewes $90-$105, light ewes $70-$85, store ewes $50-$60.

A small yarding of store lambs saw the market remain on a par with previous sales.

Top store lambs $90-$96, medium lambs $80-$86.

Ewes and lambs – 14 ewes and 18 lambs at $74.

Prime steers 460-490kg fetched $2.14-$2.17/kgLW, 503-560kg $2.14-$2.24/kgLW, 600-653kg $2.13-$2.24/kgLW, 770kg $2.01/kgLW.

After an increase the previous week, heavy prime lambs eased at last Thursday’s COALGATE sale Glenn Peddie of Peter Walsh & Associated reported. Heavy prime lambs made up to $128 while most of the lambs offered made between $116 and $121. These were medium to better lambs. Lighter prime lambs made up to $105.

Heavy prime ewes proved popular, with the market for better ewes stronger than last week. The best of them made up to $125 mediums were between $75 and $90 and lighter ewes made up to $65.

There were few store sheep yarded. A tidy line of ewe hoggets made $112 and a line of AD ewes with lambs at foot made $72.

In the cattle section prime steer and heifers eased compared to last week. Prime steers made up to $2.09/kgLW and heifers also up to $2.09/kgLW. Prime cows ranged between $1.02 and $1.35/kgLW for dairy types. Beef cows made up to $1.78/kgLW.

In the store cattle section R2 steers made up to $2.30/kgLW and better heifers made up to $2.38/kgLW. There were a number of yearling Friesian bulls on offer which made between $2.10 and $2.50/kgLW.


A smaller yarding of good quality prime lambs was offered at TINWALD last week, with prices for good heavy lambs lifting $2-$3/head on the previous sale. A good yarding of quality prime ewes realised values better by up to $5/head on the previous sale, PGG Wrightson livestock manager Greg Cook reported. 

The best of the heavy prime lambs sold from $120-$125 while medium types returned $114-$119 with lighter lambs selling from $104-$113.

The best of the prime ewes earned $105-$115, medium $90-$104 and lighter sorts $60-$89. Ewes all counted sold from $55-$62. 


A big yarding of store cattle saw prices fall an average 20c/kgLW on recent sales at TEMUKA last week as larger numbers of store cattle come into the market in the South Island. A good yarding of yearling cattle was offered with fewer R2 cattle. Poorer types proved difficult to sell. In the prime cattle sale both steers and heifers also took a dive falling up to 10c/kgLW on the previous sale, while prime sheep and lambs managed to hold their values, PGG Wrightson livestock manager Joe Higgins reported.

Store cattle: R2 steers 365-514kg earned $700-$1050 and R2 heifers 336-515kg $690-$1070. R1 beef steers fetched 166-370kg $410-$860 and dairy beef 199-367kg $330-$840. R1 beef heifers realised 137-363kg $315-$740 and dairy beef 166-231kg $335-$550. Friesian R1 bulls 173-430kg sold from $385-$860. 

Prime steers 600-850kg earned $2.10-$2.18/kgLW, 450-600kg $2.05-$2.16/kgLW, 400-500kg $2-$2.16 and dairy types 500-620kg $1.94-$2.12/kgLW.

Heifers 500-680kg returned $1.80-$2.10/kgLW, 400-500kg $1.72-$2/kgLW, 380-450kg $1.65-$2.02kgLW and dairy sorts 380-580kg $1.40-$1.75/kgLW.

Bulls 550-800kg returned $2-$2.14 and 400-500kg $1.90-$2.10/kgLW.

Heavy beef cows 500-800kg realised $1.40-$1.55/kgLW and 400-500kg $1.30-$1.45/kgLW. Dairy types 500-750kg $1.30-$1.50/kgLW with poorer types 340-500kg earning 90c-$1.20/kgLW.

A very small yarding of store lambs saw forward types fetching $97-$110, medium $85-$96 and smaller lambs $60-$84. Ewes and lambs all counted sold from $60-$62.

Good heavy prime lambs fetched $122-$130, medium $114-$121 and light $104-$113.

Heavy one-shear ewes returned $100-$110, medium $90-$99 and light $74-$85. The best of the adult ewes earned $94-$105, medium $78-91, medium freezers $70-$77 and light freezer sorts $60-$68.


A medium sized yarding of prime hoggets met with limited demand at BALCLUTHA last Wednesday, but sold at similar levels to previous weeks, Barry Osborne of PGG Wrightson reported. Prime ewes also maintained their values, with a good quality yarding presented.

Heavy hoggets $112-$125, medium $102-$110, light $90-$100. Heavy woolly ewes $88-$100, medium $77-$87, light $68-$75.

There was a very small yarding again in the store sheep section, with values remaining similar to recent sales.

Top shorn store lambs $81, medium $75, light $50.

Breeding Romney ewe hoggets $115-$124, ewes and lambs $56-$74 all-counted.

A reasonable sized yarding of store cattle was offered, and sold with only average demand as values eased slightly.

Good R2 Angus-cross steers 480kg $1100, $2.25/kgLW, good R2 Angus-cross heifers 404kg $910, $2.25/kgLW, medium R1 Angus-cross steers 300kg $800, $2.27/kgLW, medium R1 Angus-cross heifers 270kg $695, $2.57/kgLW.

Hereford/Friesian bull calves $45-$125, Hereford/Friesian heifer calves $25-$105.


A medium yarding of prime cattle sold on a firm market at LORNEVILLE last week.

Good cows 500-600kg $1.38-$1.40/kgLW, medium cows 400-500kg $1.30-$1.35/kgLW, medium Friesian/Friesian-cross heifers 400kg $1.60-$1.85/kgLW.

A small yarding of store cattle also sold on a firm market.

Good Hereford-cross yearling steers 293kg $740, medium Hereford-cross yearling steers 229kg $555, good Hereford-cross yearling heifers  290kg $670, good Hereford-cross yearling heifers 274kg $675.

Good calves sold well, while off-types were harder to sell.

Top Friesian bulls $100, medium Friesian bulls $70, top Hereford-cross bulls $120, medium Hereford-cross bulls $90, top Hereford-cross heifers $95, medium Hereford-cross heifers $85.

A medium yarding of prime sheep met with firm demand.

Heavy lambs $115-$123, medium $105-$111/ Good quality 2-tooths $85-$95, medium $72-$82. Heavy ewes $95-$112, medium $75-$90, light $55-$70. Lower condition ewes $30-$50, heavy local trade rams $25-$39.

Woolly store lambs $95-$105, medium $80-$90, light $65-$75. Ewes and lambs $63-$78 all counted.

A small yarding of prime sheep met with good demand at CHARLTON, and ewes and lambs all-counted were still selling strongly.       

 Heavy prime lambs $115-$120, medium $105-$110. Good quality 2-tooths $80-$90. Heavy woolly ewes $80-$90, medium $70-$75. Heavy local trade rams $35, medium $30.

Ewes and lambs $70-$75 all-counted.

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