Friday, July 8, 2022

Investment brings innovation

Overseas investors must be of good character, have business acumen, and the financial commitment to succeed, according to Associate Agriculture Minister Nathan Guy.

“Overall, I think increased investment into the New Zealand dairy industry is a positive sign,” he said at the end of January.

“We are seeing more interest in investment from existing firms looking to expand their operations, and from overseas companies. We are also seeing a number of different business models in the NZ dairy industry, focussing on greater innovation and higher-value products. This is a great development for NZ, and increases our opportunities on the global stage.

“Foreign investment is a crucial component in growing our economy. With the right settings in place, this investment can provide local businesses with the capital to expand and increase innovation. It can also bring new skills, knowledge and improved links to overseas markets.

“There are many checks and balances on foreign investment into NZ. In particular, purchases by foreign investors are regulated by the Overseas Investment Office (OIO).”

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