Sunday, December 3, 2023

Alliance expands premium lamb range into southeast Asia

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Pure South Handpicked Lamb premium range reaches Malaysia and Singapore.
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Alliance Group is expanding its award-winning Pure South Handpicked Lamb premium range into Malaysia and Singapore.

In Singapore, the co-operative will be targeting chefs in the premium food service sector with fine dining cuts and providing a range into the mainstream consumer segment with a focus on specialty butchery. 

In Malaysia, the lamb will be launched into two premium supermarket chains as well as a selection of premium fine dining outlets.

Alliance launched Handpicked Lamb in 2020 as part of its differentiated premium portfolio.

The lamb, hand-selected using a rigorous assessment system to measure eating quality, is already available in many premium retail markets in Asia.

“Our mission is to expand distribution and build scale for Handpicked Lamb, further differentiate our range from our competitors and meet the needs of increasingly discerning consumers around the world who are willing to pay a price premium for our red meat products and certain attributes,” general manager sales Shane Kingston said.

“We already have a commanding position in Malaysia with our Pure South and Silere Alpine Origin Merino distribution, and Pure South Handpicked Lamb will enable us to capture more consumer sectors and roll out a full portfolio.”

Alliance’s Handpicked Lamb has built on the success of its Handpicked Beef programme. 

Both Pure South Handpicked Lamb and Pure South Handpicked 55 Day Aged Beef have won gold awards at the Outstanding New Zealand Food Producers Awards for the past two years. 

Pure South lamb, beef and venison ranges were also 2023 gold award winners.

The Handpicked Lamb programme is open to Alliance Group’s shareholders who supply 100% of their ovine livestock to the company. 

The lamb must meet a range of criteria, with the meat hand-selected through Alliance’s plants and aged to ensure eating quality.

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