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Averages improve for dispersal cows and heifers

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Autumn sales already achieving averages of over $2000 a head.
Manawatu heifer Aron-Amy Nirvana Oprah sold for $15,000 to a buyer from Southland within a four-day dispersal sale of an historic Holstein Friesian stud.
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Sale prices for Holstein Friesian cows and in-calf heifers have strengthened as the dairy cattle autumn sale season has progressed, with most vendors now achieving averages of over $2000 a head.

In the Waiau Trust hybrid auction on bidr at Waitara, Taranaki, on behalf of Jim and Sue Webster, three-year-old Waiau Rem Raspberry sold for $18,800 and there was also a heifer sale at $13,400.

Older cows averaged $3600 and the two-year-old in-calf heifers averaged $3500.

The Aron-Amy Holstein Friesian stud herd in Palmerston North was dispersed over four days with online auctions on bidr, selling a total of 600 in-calf cows, heifers and bull calves.

The vendors were Craig and Raewyne Passay for a stud that goes back over 100 years, founded by Craig’s grandparents, Aaron and Amy.

Highest price on day one was $4700 made by Aron-Amy Beamer Tori, a six-year-old registered Holstein Friesian cow with average milksolids production over 600kg across four 250-day lactations.

Aron-Amy Ethos Raine is a four-year-old that made $11,200 in the Holstein Friesian stud dispersal sale. Photo: Supplied

Seven-year-old Aron-Amy Ripper Yello made $4600 on the same day and the average price for cows was $2324.

Day two saw a top price of $11,200 paid for Aron-Amy Ethos Raine, a four-year-old cow with an LIC contract. 

Link Livestock auctioneer Nigel Riddell said the averages for days two and three were $2245 and $2695 respectively.

Day three went to a top price of $15,000 paid for yearling heifer Aron-Amy Nirvana Oprah, selected for the Spring 2023 LIC GeneRate ET programme and a contract mating for the following season.

That heifer is going all the way to Southland.

Highly rated younger cows Max Oprah and Max Oodle made $9500 and $9100 respectively.

Day four was the in-calf heifers, topped by $6200 paid for Aron-Amy Reef Jamie followed by a handful of prices made in the $4000s. The average for a total clearance of heifers was $2235 and for bull calves $1375.

Riddell said the vendors and all agents involved were very happy with the outcome.

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