Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Murray Goulburn confirmed its dairy products are safe

Australia’s largest dairy food company, Murray Goulburn (MG), today confirmed that its dairy products are safe and continue to be available in Australia and overseas. MG has been advised by regulatory authorities that its products are not affected by the food safety issues related to Fonterra products. MG products are not subject to the temporary suspension announced by the Chinese authorities relating to the importation of whey powder and dairy based powder produced by Fonterra. MG Managing Director, Gary Helou, said, “We are steadfastly committed to ensuring our products are not only safe but of the highest quality.  That is why we have in place quality management systems and continuous improvement programs to ensure that our products meet our customer expectations and regulatory requirements.” MG manufactures a range of dairy products and ingredients for Australia and export markets, including Devondale branded milk, butter and cheese and Liddells lactose free milk.  
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