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My Daily Digest: April 15, 2021

Trading cucumbers for concrete The Ministry for the Environment has released a stocktake of land-use in New Zealand that shows our prime, fertile soils are being overrun by houses. This is an own goal of epic proportions.

Yes, there’s a housing crisis and we need many more of them built very quickly.

But there are plenty of places that can happen. The land that grows most of the veges on the supermarket shelves is not one of them.

It’s not like we can just move the market gardens down the road – those crops are picky when it comes to soil and climate.

Protections are on the way and they can’t come soon enough.

We’ve already lost enough cucumbers to concrete.


Bryan Gibson


Call to protect productive land

The threat of urban sprawl onto New Zealand’s highly productive land has been brought into focus in a new report.



Pitch in for the hay challenge

The challenge has been set for farmers to help New Zealand Riding for the Disabled (NZRDA) build a haystack to feed its horses.



Natives require sound funding

The end of the One Billion Trees (1BT) project initiated by the last coalition government has left a funding hole for the Government to fill if it is to meet the Climate Change Commission’s (CCC) recommendations.



Winter colony loss rates climb

Beehive losses over winter have continued to show an insidious lift in numbers as the industry seeks out more answers on what is afflicting queen bee populations.



Horizons plan change makes headway

A Horizons regional council decision in favour of its Plan Change 2 brings the council a step closer to being able to effectively regulate existing intensive farming and growing land-uses in the Manawatū-Whanganui region.


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