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My Daily Digest: April 16, 2021

Empower the people on the ground to get the job done   New Zealand has a diverse landscape. Terrain and soil profiles differ wildly from one catchment to the next and that means each farmer has their own challenges to overcome.

The Government’s freshwater regulations, which include low-slope maps that govern stock exclusion, take a bit more of a broad-brush approach.

The Government says the maps will be replaced, but Beef + Lamb New Zealand wants that replacement to give more power to regions and communities.

That makes sense. There has been some wonderful progress made by catchment groups, made up of neighbouring farmers, working together to improve water quality.

If the goal is better water quality, isn’t it best to empower those groups to meet targets in a way that fits the environment they live in?


Bryan Gibson 


Lorneville plant starts beef production

After 18 months of development, Alliance Group this week began processing beef at its Lorneville plant in Southland.



B+LNZ seeks region-based maps

Farming leaders are seeking changes to a second aspect of the Government’s  Essential Freshwater policies, saying rules around stock exclusion are too blunt.



Farmer privacy in question

Farm environment plans (FEPs) held by regional councils could be subject to public release, prompting farming leaders to seek assurance privacy and safety will be protected.


Dairy futures off to Singapore

Futures market growth and more opportunities for farmers to sell milk price futures should result from a partnership between the New Zealand and Singapore stock exchanges on dairy derivatives.



Trade talks get dirty

Trade officials are on high alert for dirty tricks in trade talks with the United Kingdom after a succession of stories appeared in one of Britain’s most widely-read newspapers claiming a free trade agreement with New Zealand is imminent.


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