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My Daily Digest: April 21, 2021

UK ups climate change game The UK Government has brought forward its greenhouse gas emissions reduction target by 15 years and is pledging a 78% reduction by 2035.

United States president Joe Biden is also thought to be readying a severe reduction policy ahead of his climate change summit.

New Zealand’s ambitions are beginning to look a little meek.

NZ farming leaders reckon they’re on the right track and that they have been for some time. 

But there are some reasons why that thinking might be going quickly out of date.

The UK will protect its own primary sector by demanding any food imported meet its new standards. Those not up to scratch will be charged entry at the gate.

The US, also known for fiercely protecting its farmers, could do the same.

The world seems to be reaching a tipping point, in terms of both the temperature and the intent to manage it. Failing to recognise this might leave us left out in the cold.


Bryan Gibson


China dominates overnight dairy auction

Chinese buyers were out in force in the overnight dairy auction, with North Asia stepping in to buy the vast majority of product on offer.



Commercial over trade policy

Esther Guy-Meakin is pleased with the opportunities and challenges of her new position at the Meat Industry Association (MIA), which she says allows her to build on her previous experience in the red meat sector.


Simple innovation solves flow gate problem

Stock Ezy is a new family-owned business aimed at making life easier for the farmer through what Sean Blenkin says are relatively simple innovations to help with some of the more physical tasks on-farm.



Aerial inspection identifies problem paddocks

An aerial inspection over parts of Southland has identified six cropping paddocks that regional council officials fear could pose problems when fed off to stock this winter.



High Country Advisory Group appoints new members

Farmers, an environmental lawyer and the chair of Fish & Game New Zealand are new appointees to the High Country Advisory Group.


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