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My Daily Digest: April 9, 2021

Opportunity to tackle common goals A leading Irish academic reckons New Zealand should work more closely with his country to tackle the challenge of reducing emissions on-farm.

That makes a lot of sense. Both nations rely on primary exports to keep ticking over. Both are a bit ahead of the game in terms of farm systems now.

Ireland is also very close to many of our trading partners and markets, and could provide valuable insight into policies, trends and practices that are being adopted in the European Union.

With the EU, UK and United States all ramping up programmes to essentially pay their farmers to be more sustainable, the distance between us and them is about to start shrinking pretty quickly.

But by working with like-minded farmers, like the Irish, maybe we can hold our place.


Bryan Gibson


Joint climate change efforts

New Zealand and Ireland face very similar climate change challenges and both countries have a lot to gain from working more closely together to meet them, leading Irish agriculture greenhouse gas (GHG) academic Frank Convery says.


Myrtle rust in mānuka concerns researchers

The invasive myrtle rust disease that has threatened to lay waste to populations of native pōhutukawa and ramarama has now been found in the seeds of mānuka around Auckland, raising fears the valuable native could be at risk from the disease’s impact.



Fun for farming families

Getting farmers off-farm and out socialising is the aim of a series of events being planned for Canterbury farming families.



DWN awards their Woman of the Year

Whanganui sharemilker Belinda Price has been announced as the 2021 Fonterra Dairy Woman of the Year at the April 8 gala awards dinner, following the Allflex and DWN2021 Step Up Together Conference in Taupō.



Milk futures surge as traders lock in

Dairy farmers have fixed their forward milk prices in greater numbers this year to lock in high prices.


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