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My Daily Digest: February 10, 2021

Fund investors looking to boost sector Baby boomers cop it pretty regularly these days. They’re blamed for the housing crisis, dragging their feet on environmental issues and their love affairs with SUVs.

But there is one area where, in an indirect way, they’re giving back – through the New Zealand Super Fund.

The fund is targeting $100 million into growing Kiwi businesses, with agri-tech and health and wellness set to benefit.

Investing in productive businesses that will grow our food production sector is about the best use of money there is in NZ.

It grows job numbers and export receipts and builds stronger communities for future generations.

Now, about those rental properties…


Bryan Gibson


AgProud’s sweet gesture of thanks

Some fruit was picked in Central Otago in the past two weeks, then it was given away to about 5000 people.


FARMSTRONG: Lucky to be alive

Sheep and beef farmer Jack Cocks almost died from an aneurysm. Now he’s sharing with other farmers what his recovery taught him about resilience.


Primary sector offers options for fund investor

Emerging agri-tech firms and value-added health and wellness brands are likely to be the first investment targets for a $100 million investment made by the NZ Super Fund into a new investment fund.


Fraught transition ahead as RMA repeal confirmed

The massive, multi-year process of reforming the Resource Management Act (RMA) risks “poor outcomes in the interim if councils do not continue to implement national direction requirements and other requirements under the RMA”, the Government warns.



Seed gold needs mining

This month’s Climate Change Commission recommendations include farmers facing the prospect of reducing stocking rates to meet carbon reduction obligations. But the head of the nation’s largest seed bank is urging a closer look at what it has on hand that may offer benefits in lower methane emissions.



Tonight on Sarah’s Country: Changemaker Wednesday


Bales4Blair, a fundraiser for the Southland Charity Hospital, event organiser Amy Blaikie joins us.


New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme offers benefits for sheep and beef farmers. Alan McDermott has more on the topic.


A New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) representative discusses opportunities for NZ in Ireland’s dairy industry. 


Young inventor Logan Williams shares how he’s adding value to coarse wool with cornstarch.

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