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My Daily Digest: February 12, 2021

More pros than cons to FEPs Farm environment plans are causing a bit of unease for farmers at the moment as their rollout gathers steam.

The cost, time and process are all a bit uncertain and dependent on where you live and who’s auditing them.

But Beef + Lamb New Zealand says farmers should focus on the positives they bring, rather than any cost.

They say a plan will help improve profitability and add value to a farm when it’s sold.

But it’s important for farmers to be in control of the process.

They say the more tools in the toolbox the better equipped you are to fix problems.

Of course, meeting regulatory requirements is also important for any business.

So, focus on the positive and make the plan work for you.

Bryan Gibson 


FEP uncertainty lingers

The need for farm environment plans (FEPs) is generally accepted by the rural community but uncertainty over their implementation is fueling unease.


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