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My Daily Digest: February 16, 2021

WTO’s new head has a huge task ahead The World Trade Organisation has a new leader – Nigeria’s Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. She’s the first woman and first African to hold the role. And, she’s got a monumental job in front of her.

The rules-based global trading system has taken a fair walloping in recent years with protectionism and distrust returning.

As a nation that makes its living selling food to the world, New Zealand needs that trust restored and for every country to operate in a fair and open way.

We’ve honed a sustainable and competitive subsidy-free economy over a number of decades but to prosper we need the rules to work.

We need a governing body that will hear disputes and rule on them in a timely manner.

Covid-19 has taught us that food security is fragile, but no nation can close up shop and take care of itself.

We need trust and cooperation.


Bryan Gibson


Kiwifruit settlement brings mixed emotions

An out-of-court settlement between the Government and kiwifruit growers has been met with mixed emotions by the sector.


Trainers announced for wool harvesting courses

A group of respected industry trainers from around the country will run the first upskilling courses for young shearers and wool handlers in a pilot programme contracted by the New Zealand Shearing Contractors Association (NZSCA) through Kaiaka Wool Industry Training NZ.


SIAFD brings opportunity to ag

Organisers of the 2021 South Island Agricultural Field Days are gearing up for one of the biggest events yet in the 70 years it has been running. 


The making of a world record

Gore shearer Megan Whitehead recently set a new women’s world shearing record by clipping 661 lambs in nine hours. A remarkable achievement for a 24-year-old who has only been shearing four years. Farmstrong caught up with her the next day to find out how she did it. 


FMG Young Farmer regional final postponed

Organisers have postponed the Northern FMG Young Farmer of the Year Regional Final based on Government recommendations.



Tonight on Sarah’s Country: Opinion Maker Tuesday


What more can we be doing to normalise on-farm safety to avoid life-changing incidents? 

We hear first-hand experiences with on-farm incidents, and the changes being made to protect themselves and their loved ones. 

Following her recent Farmers Weekly Pulpit commentary, Federated Farmers vice president Karen Williams shares her experiences. Align Farms chief executive and stock manager Glen Eden Farm & Rhys Roberts Daniel Hansen joins us too.

Onside chief executive Ryan Higgs brings a valuable solution to simplifying compliance with health and safety. 

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