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My Daily Digest: February 25, 2021

Incentive to improve farming systems Fonterra farmers will now be judged on their environmental performance and be paid accordingly.

The last 10 cents of the milk price will only be paid if the farmer meets certain sustainability and milk quality standards.

It’s a good move.

Some will say that all co-operative members, as owners of the business, should be paid the same amount.

But where’s the incentive to improve farming systems when a poor farmer makes the same amount as one making real, measurable changes?

They say money talks and Fonterra’s dairy farmers, who’ve long talked about the environmental strides they’ve been making, now have the chance to put their money where their mouths are.


Bryan Gibson


Rewarding farmers’ environmental efforts

Fonterra farmers will be paid according to their environmental performance from the middle of the year.



MIA puts hand up for vaccine

The meat industry is asking health officials for its 25,000-strong workforce to be next in line for the covid-19 vaccine.



Award for lasting contributions

Late last year, the Ministry for Primary Industries’ principal scientist Gerald Rys was awarded the Ray Brougham Trophy by the New Zealand Grasslands Association, recognising an extensive career and his advocacy of pastoral agriculture and the research behind it. 



Lasers target pesky birds

Using lasers to deter birds draws on images of deadly ray guns shooting the flying targets down in a smoking pile of feathers. The reality is somewhat less spectacular, but proving equally effective in Otago this summer. 



Lincoln’s flagship science facility gets underway

Breaking ground for a new flagship science facility has ensured Lincoln University will equip coming generations with the knowledge and skills needed to grow a better future.


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