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My Daily Digest: February 9, 2021

Growing focus on improving herd genetics The recently released Climate Change Commission’s report points to a number of areas farming could improve its emissions profile, with genetic gains being one.

Well, it looks like farmers are already starting to ramp up their investment in their herd genetics.

Strong milk payouts over the past couple of years have led to a big increase in demand for elite genetics that bring more efficient milkers and fewer emissions, among other positive traits.

The initial outlay brings strong returns and more bang for your buck per cow.

It’s a win for the farmer in two ways because they’re increasing efficiency and improving their farm emissions profile.

Agriculture will need every tool in the box to meet its commitments – this is one of them.


Bryan Gibson


‘Top-notch’ lambs met with strong market

Presentation and quality were top-notch, making for a very strong market for the line-up of stock at the Ashburton Gorge annual on-farm lamb sales.



Dairy farmers spend more on genetic gain

Dairy farmers are investing their higher milk price returns into fast-tracking genetic improvement with the use of premium products, LIC and CRV report.



Bales4Blair wool donations pour in

Donations of wool to insulate a new Invercargill charity hospital have exceeded expectations.


Sustainable beef patty trial a success

A sustainability-produced New Zealand beef patty is set to become the new norm following a year-long trial to develop a verified sustainable beef model providing transparency to customers.



NZ meat veteran bows out

Gary Davis is retiring after a 52-year career in the meat industry. Neal Wallace talks to the former butcher, who for the past 32 years has been an official with the Otago-Southland branch of the NZ Meat Workers Union.


Tonight on Sarah’s Country: Opinion Maker Tuesday


Is there a need for more regenerative farming in New Zealand, or is it exactly what NZ farmers are already doing?

Steve Wyn-Harris, Geoff Ross, Maury Leyland Penno and Jon Hickford weigh in on the matter.

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