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My Daily Digest: January 11, 2021

Carbon market set to grow Market watchers are predicting the price of carbon will rise dramatically in New Zealand this year and will have a major impact on the economy.

Agriculture isn’t part of the Emissions Trading Scheme now, but with the price per unit for carbon rising from around $20 to $35 – and predicted to go even higher – farmers will want to keep an eye on how this market unfolds.

It makes planting trees even more enticing as it costs about $25 a tonne, giving considerable returns.

There’s been plenty of industry opposition to the loss of livestock production to forestry in recent years, but shrewd operators will be looking at ways to incorporate trees into a diversified and resilient farming business.

Money talks, and with the Financial Times calling carbon pricing a “one-way bet” that chatter could soon become a roar.


Bryan Gibson 


Exploring deer velvet health benefits

A new deer velvet project recently approved for research could help boost immune response when covid vaccines are given.


Carbon market to surge in 2021

The new year promises to bring intense activity to New Zealand’s carbon trading market with new auction activity and investor interest picking up fast.


Investors flock to golden kiwifruit option

Low deposit returns and buoyant prospects in the kiwifruit sector have resulted in an orchard investment group hitting and exceeding its first-round funding target this month.


Water supply reform coming

Major reforms proposed for the water supply sector will pose significant implications for irrigation schemes that provide domestic water supply.


Funds to improve, protect waterways

Nineteen projects aimed at cleaning up and protecting New Zealand waterways are to receive $36 million of Government funding.


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