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My Daily Digest: January 13, 2021

Warm up for climate change  It’s been 47 months since New Zealand experienced lower than average temperatures for a month.

A couple of weeks ago apple and hop crops were devastated by hail, while Central Otago’s cherry crop was ruined as parts of the region got a third of their annual rainfall in a week or so.

This is not normal and we’re going to have to redefine what that word means when it comes to the weather.

Farming’s always been at the mercy of the weather but its malevolence is growing, with more extremes every season.

In drought-prone Australia farming groups have been begging the Government to do much more to curb emissions and reduce heating.

Aussie farmers aren’t singled out as the worst emitters like they are here, which of course makes having these conversations easier.

It’s long past time to put the finger pointing aside and work towards sustainable emissions reduction for the good of us all.


Bryan Gibson


Warm years are piling up – Niwa

It's been 47 consecutive months in New Zealand since the last time the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research’s (NIWA) data showed a month where temperatures were below average.


Bid to stop pest control rejected

An application to prevent a possum control programme on a block of land in Hawke’s Bay has been dismissed in the Maori Land Court.


Winter grazing costs climb

Winter grazing prices for dairy cows are rising in Southland and Otago as farmers make changes to meet new freshwater regulations.


New year, new milk price

ANZ Bank has begun 2021 with an increase of 50c in its forecast of this season’s farm gate milk price, now $7.20/kg milksolids.


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