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My Daily Digest: January 21, 2021

Pandemic hits deer sales hard Deer farmers are being urged to be patient as covid-19 continues to disrupt foodservice across the globe.

High-end venison just isn’t in demand with restaurants either closed or restricted in many key markets.

That reality has been felt at the deer sales across the country this week.

Prices are well back on last year but one deer farmer is urging colleagues to hang in there.

New Zealand venison has a great reputation and the demand will bounce back once the pandemic subsides. 

To capitalise, farmers will need to be ready, which means business as usual in the interim so they can hit the ground running.


Bryan Gibson 


Deer farmers urged to be patient

Canterbury deer farmer Donald Whyte has travelled several times to Europe and North America as the farmer behind his venison brand.



Japan puts pressure on honey producers

New Zealand’s $68 million a year Japanese honey export market is being threatened by glyphosate limits, which one honey producer describes as being almost impossible to meet.



The tide has shifted – FGNZ

The winds of change may be about to blow away years of antagonism by Fish & Game New Zealand towards farming.


Call to support orchardists

The hail storm that hit parts of the Tasman region just after Christmas will wipe out some orchardists’ incomes for the next 12 to 18 months and they will need government support, New Zealand Apple & Pears chief executive Alan Pollard says.


NZ dollar to gain more on USD

Currency strategists expect the New Zealand dollar (NZD) to continue to gain value against the United States dollar (USD), our major trading currency, to reach the mid-70 cents range.


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