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My Daily Digest: January 26, 2021

Devil’s in the details As we grapple with the spectre of community transfer in the country once again, it’s easy to look at what’s wrong with us and forget the bigger picture.

So, it’s worth taking a look at how the world is going and how it sees us right now.

New Zealand sits atop Bloomberg’s covid resilience rankings for the third month in a row. 

That means the global news organisation thinks we’re the best place in the world to stay healthy and do business.

With other nations rolling out vaccine programmes it’s easy to think we’re falling behind, when in fact those other nations are struggling to catch up.

So, enjoy the sun, the freedom to move around and work, and let’s not beat ourselves up over the details.


Bryan Gibson


2020 ends on high note for rural real estate market

The year finished on a high for the rural real estate market, with dairy farm sales having its strongest run since 2017.



2030 deadline could see EU rollout GHG tax

A global research company believes Europe will soon follow New Zealand and introduce a charge for agricultural greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.



Entries down at dairy event

Entry numbers are down for this year’s New Zealand Dairy Event due to uncertainty over covid-19, but organisers are pleased with the level of interest in the show and the programme they have put together.



Final call for wool donations

Crossbred wool may be lacking consumer interest and economic relevance for most sheep farmers, but it is underpinning two Southland charitable events.



Climate risks could impact loans

Financial institutions are including climate change risk when considering rural loans, but most are working with farmers to help them address these challenges.



Tonight on Sarah’s Country:

OPINION MAKER: Japan puts pressure on honey producers

Honey experts discuss the risks to New Zealand’s $68 million a year Japanese honey export market that is being threatened by traces of glyphosate, which one honey producer describes as being almost impossible to meet.

Tonight’s featured guests are: Honey Droplet chief executive Raymond Neil; Canterbury University genetics professor Jack Heinemann; Unique Manuka Factor chief executive John Rawcliffe; and Apiculture New Zealand’s chief executive Karin Kos.

Watch live from 7pm or subscribe to our podcast. 

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