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My Daily Digest: June 14, 2021

Ute got to be kidding me With excellent prices for most commodities at the moment, it seems the only problem New Zealand food producers presently face is securing the labour and supply chains to get all that produce to market.

Those issues and the high dollar mean farmers aren’t reaping the full value from red meat exports particularly.

Still, in a covid-19 world, the export market is holding up really well.

However, it’s not shipping containers that are really grinding farmers’ gears at the moment – it’s utes, and the fact that imported vehicles will be taxed in an effort to decarbonise the vehicle fleet.

As is often the case, the regulator is copping the blame for something the market is in the process of taking care of.

Most major car makers are in the process of switching production to electric vehicles, so the gas guzzler will be off the menu in a few years.

It’s worth remembering that the tax is only on imported vehicle purchases, so perhaps it’s worth seeing if the Hilux can last another year or two?


Bryan Gibson


Supply chain drag on US beef bonanza

Strong imported manufacturing beef demand and high prices in the United States are not being passed fully through to cattle farmers in New Zealand.


SWAG announces new partnership

The action group tasked with reinvigorating the strong wool industry has launched a new partnership with Primary Purpose in its drive to get the sector match-fit for the market.



Fonterra open to longer share-down times

Fonterra farmers who retire, or otherwise leave the co-operative, may be allowed to hold their supply shares for 15 or even 20 years within changes to capital structure currently being discussed.


McNee steps down as LIC boss

Wayne McNee is stepping down as LIC chief executive on November 30 after eight years in the role.


Happy Valley Nutrition secures international deal

New dairy company Happy Valley Nutrition has entered into an agreement with Burt Lewis Ingredients (BLI) to supply the North American company with milk powder.


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