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My Daily Digest: June 17, 2021

Solution-driven options gaining momentum News today that ASB will give low-interest loans to farmers to carry out environmental work is a boost for a sector grappling with the rising cost of compliance. We’ve seen this type of loan before – Synlait gets a better deal from its bank if it hits certain sustainability targets.

It’s yet another sign that the market is waking up to the risks of climate change and environmental management.

The retail banks – many of which have significant rural loan books – have a lot riding on the continued success of the sector.

If NZ food producers lose their social licence – either here or with consumers abroad – that’s a risk.

The bank recognises this and has decided to be part of the solution. 

It’s the type of initiative that’ll have tangible benefits.

And it’s the type of collaboration needed to keep one step ahead of the regulators.


Bryan Gibson


Green dollar boost

Farmers grappling with costs to meet environmental standards now have access to low-cost money to help finance farm greening projects.



SOPI report: Sector rides storm, growth forecast

Food and fibre export earnings for the past 12 months are forecast to be slightly down on the year before, but are predicted to rebound and set a new record during the next year.


Sparks fly over ute charge

Climate Change Minister James Shaw has defended the Government’s move to effectively tax higher-emitting utes and trade vehicles as part of its plan to promote the electrification of the national fleet with electric vehicle (EV) discounts.



$22m plantain project launched

A new Government-industry programme has been launched to further investigate plantain’s ability to reduce nitrate leaching on New Zealand farms.



Mass rural vaccine rollouts under way

Entire rural communities are being targeted by district health boards (DHBs) for vaccination against covid-19.


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