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My Daily Digest: June 18, 2021

Consumers pushing for a regenerative future? It appears we’ve finally found the answer to the burning question of just what regenerative agriculture is. The answer, according to Potatoes NZ, is whatever the buyer says it is.

News that McCain will only source its potatoes from farmers that adhere to regenerative principles has been embraced by the industry body.

They see the move as a simple response to consumer demand and just a further sign of the way in which food producers must head as people take more of an interest in the provenance of their food.

Potatoes NZ chief executive Chris Claridge sees the same hysteria around regen that the organics movement faced in the 1980s.

But he says as long as farmers have the detail necessary to meet the requirements it should all be fine.

It’s worth remembering that this is a worldwide initiative encompassing 150,000 farmers.

We’re not alone in being subject to the movement in market and consumer preference.

However, if we don’t recognise the opportunity, we may well be left on our own.


Bryan Gibson


McCain embraces regen ag

Global food company McCain is reimagining the way to grow a potato that is beneficial to the planet and by 2030, will use only regeneratively farmed potatoes.


More cellular towers coming to rural NZ

The Government’s moves to boost rural cellular and broadband coverage have been reinforced by Vodafones’ move to also invest in additional cellular towers in provincial towns throughout New Zealand.



Canty navigates post-flood infrastructure woes

Time is ticking for high country farmers rebuilding access infrastructure to get stock off their properties before the snow sets in.



China boosts Zespri’s online sales

Chinese consumers have taken to online food ordering with a vengeance, and Zespri says there is no sign that it is going to slow any time soon.



Aus paves way for NZ-UK trade talks

Dairy and beef farmers look like gaining the most if New Zealand can match the market access Australia won in its new free trade agreement with the United Kingdom.


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