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My Daily Digest: June 2, 2021

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em   Zespri has a problem. It’s not the record production it booked last year. And, it’s not the worker shortage that’s put a spanner in the harvest works.

It’s the fact that there's 500ha of SunGold fruit growing in China that isn’t licenced.

If it was some rogue orchardist up the road who was grafting the Gold there’d be no problem.

The law is on Zespri’s side and things could be cleaned up pretty quickly.

Unfortunately, pursuing litigation in China would be pricey and the outcome uncertain.

So, Zespri wants to bring these growers into the fold and is proposing a trial where 200,000 trays of the fruit there would bear the Zespri name.

With growers here paying $500,000 a hectare for the privilege of growing SunGold, there are some that are scratching their heads at the move.

But it may be the only pragmatic approach. 

Growers will get a vote on the proposal from today. It’ll be very interesting to see how they respond – compromise or confrontation?


Bryan Gibson


Fonterra working to resume milk collections

Fonterra is hopeful its milk collections will return to normal in the next 24-36 hours as floodwaters across the Canterbury Plains subside and roading repairs begin.



Growers to vote on kiwifruit China trial

The polls have opened for kiwifruit growers to vote on their views about Zespri putting its brand behind Chinese-grown SunGold kiwifruit.



Southland Feds, council to collaborate on SNAs

Farmers and the Southland District Council have agreed to work together to implement pending new legislation that will require the identification of significant natural areas (SNAs).



Experts on Mahuta’s trade advice

Exporters have been warned they could potentially be caught up in heightened geopolitical issues involving China.



Farmlands Co-op appoints new chief exec

Tanya Houghton, who has an extensive business background on both sides of the Tasman, is the new chief executive of Farmlands Co-operative Society.


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