Wednesday, July 6, 2022

My Daily Digest: June 21, 2021

Cashed-up farmers spending wisely Early word from Mystery Creek is that farmers were eager to buy some gear as Fieldays returned from a year off.

But with commodity prices looking good, banks are also reporting that the splash of cash comes on the back of a good period of debt repayment.

It was only a couple of years ago that there was real concern about farm business debt, particularly in the dairy sector.

And with the cost of compliance rising as regulations come online, having a strong business with a good balance sheet will be vital to meeting future needs.

As mentioned last week, banks are willing to work with farmers to meet those needs by providing low-interest loans to improve on-farm sustainability.

So with willing participants with a bit of cash to play with, the sector looks well set up for the future.


Bryan Gibson


Farmer debt landscape changing

As they locked down with the rest of the country last year during the covid pandemic, farmers were also nailing down debt levels and focusing strongly upon principal repayments.



DoC defends revoking licence

Farmers are worried the exclusion of cattle from an area of the Haast River Valley, which has been grazed for over a century, will allow an influx of weeds and accentuate flooding issues.



NZ behind in covid recovery

While New Zealand is not at risk of dying, its covid recovery pace is falling behind, ASB chief economist Nick Tuffley says.



More collaboration needed in agritech space

Greater collaboration is being called on to better coordinate and fund agritech solutions to mitigating agriculture’s carbon footprint.



Kiwis waste $2.4b of food every year

New research has found New Zealand households are throwing away an average of $1229 of food per year, totalling $2.4 billion across the entire population.


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