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My Daily Digest: June 24, 2021

Diversity leads to prosperity Science tells us that when it comes to keeping a species healthy and productive, diversity is the key. In farming it’s called hybrid vigour. The same is true in business.

The push for a diverse range of people in leadership isn’t some woke attack on men.

It’s a recognition that to truly innovate you need to bring together the experiences and talent from as wide a variety of people as possible.

A team made up of people of the same ethnicity and education will not challenge each other to think outside their spheres of experience.

But bringing together a group with differing experiences but a common goal can lead to truly innovative results.

So let’s do all we can to make sure everyone, whoever they are, has a chance to contribute to success.

Our survival depends on it.


Bryan Gibson


Ruralco chair wins leadership award

Mid Canterbury-based rural service co-operative Ruralco scooped a double win in the Women in Governance Awards.



Buying direct seen as supporting sustainability

Urban New Zealanders surveyed after attending this year’s Open Farms event see buying direct from farmers as the most effective action they can take to support sustainable farming.



How to navigate the changing farming environment

Connect, listen and lead together will be the way forward for the agricultural sector in the changing farming environment.



Clear need for water use plan

Rex Graham recently stepped down as chair of Hawke’s Bay Regional Council for health reasons. Although he is pleased with its achievements in recent years, there is more work to be done.



Wiggins’ rural efforts rewarded

Rural personality and farming advocate Craig ‘Wiggy’ Wiggins has been awarded the Ravensdown Agricultural Communicator of the Year 2021 title.


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