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My Daily Digest: June 25, 2021

Taming nature comes at a cost The Prime Minister was on the ground to see the aftermath of recent floods in Canterbury first-hand. Farmers seemed pleased with the $4 million in relief announced, but warned much more will be needed to both bring farms back to life and ensure waterway integrity.

There’s talk that farmers plying their trades near the braided rivers of the Canterbury plains should know the risks and factor that into their own planning.

But the reality is that keeping those rivers on a predictable path isn’t just vital for farmers, it’s vital for urban centres like Christchurch, Ashburton and Rangiora.

The decision to harness nature there was made long before dairy cows showed up, so the responsibility to keep everyone safe must be shared across both rural and urban communities.

And with climate change likely to bring more big rain events to the plains, the issue is even more pressing.

Bryan Gibson


Govt announces $4m Canty flood relief package

Farmers have welcomed government’s $4 million relief funding to support flood-ravaged Canterbury farmers, but they are hopeful it is just a start.


Deadline set for UK-NZ deal

The pressure is on Trade Minister Damien O’Connor to deliver British dairy market access equal or better than Australia’s, or fail to live up to one of his key goals for a free trade deal with the United Kingdom.


East Coast floods cause minor damage to farms

East Coast farmers appear to have been largely unscathed from the flash floods that hit the region, temporarily closing roads around SH35 between Tolaga Bay and Gisborne.


Fonterra share price concerns deepen

Fonterra’s supply shareholding farmers and unitholders are concerned about the loss of share equity following the publication of the co-operative’s capital restructuring proposals.


Herefords, Angus fetch top price

Koanui Polled Herefords, Maraetotara, made a top price of $29,000 for lot 3, Koanui Gallway Q570, sold to Eric and Sue Taylor of Corriebeg Farm Te Kuiti, a long-term commercial client.


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