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My Daily Digest: June 4, 2021

Breeding for profit   The bull selling season has begun and studs across the country will put their best on offer over the coming weeks.

There has been some trepidation about how this year will pan out, with worries over regulation and land-use change perhaps biting into prices as those in the high country move with caution.

But the reality is that no one ever went astray investing in the best genetics.

Export returns for beef are looking pretty good and that can add confidence as well. 

The dedication, knowledge and effort that goes into presenting these bulls is never short of astonishing.

And so far it appears good prices are being paid by farmers who know they need the best animal possible for their particular farming business.

You could say it’s a case of right bull, right place.


Bryan Gibson


ANZCO performs well despite covid

Meat processor and exporter ANZCO Foods lifted after-tax profit by 30% to $28.2 million in the 2020 financial and calendar year, despite turnover falling 10% to $1.53 billion.



Venison looks to the future

Venison got savaged by covid but that has failed to sap deer industry confidence.



Best genetics up for sale

The best and most productive Holstein Friesian genetics in New Zealand will be on sale at Ngahinapouri in Waikato on June 17 when Waipiri Stud offers 80 of its best animals.



More health and safety awareness

Industry campaigns and growing professionalism are driving awareness of health and safety among shearers, national FMG Young Farmer of the Year finalist Joseph Watts says.



Van Leeuwen farms under new ownership

New Zealand Rural Land Company (NZRLC) began the new dairying season with ownership of 15 operating dairy and dairy-support farms in South Canterbury, North Otago and Southland for a total outlay of $122.75 million.


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