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My Daily Digest: March 1, 2021

Building a sustainable business Industry work on reducing greenhouse gas emissions continues with some great initiatives coming from DairyNZ.

The Greenhouse Gas Partnership Farms research project has shown that farmers can increase efficiency and reduce emissions, often by just taking a closer look at their farming systems and tweaking where necessary.

The difficulty now will be transferring the knowledge from these partnership farms to every farmer.

And, building upon this work with even more research.

But efficiency is a concept that should resonate with all food producers – no one wants waste or bloat in their systems that can suck up time and resources.

It’s becoming clearer that sustainability makes economic sense so there’s no excuse for not continuing to work for the betterment of the industry.


Bryan Gibson


Ministry puts its own numbers on sequestration

Claims carbon sequestration by natural vegetation on NZ sheep and beef farms made them almost carbon neutral have been dismissed by the Ministry for the Environment.



Covid claiming more rural events

A growing number of events are being cancelled or postponed following the rise in covid-19 alert levels during the weekend.


Project finds solutions to lower dairy footprint

DairyNZ's Greenhouse Gas Partnership Farms research project has shown ways farmers can increase their efficiency and reduce their environmental footprint, but it is not without its challenges.



Women’s Institute marks 100 years

Originating in Canada in 1897, Women’s Institutes spread across the globe with astonishing rapidity, but it was not until 1921 that the idea of the organisation was introduced to New Zealand by Anna Elizabeth Jerome Spencer on her return from her war work in England.



Bank closures sharply felt

Rural Women New Zealand (RWNZ) says rural bank closures will cause deeper inequality between rural and urban communities.



Tonight on Sarah’s Country: News Maker Monday 


New Zealand Story’s director Rebecca Smith explains how consumer habits have changed during the pandemic. 


How can New Zealand eradicate Mycoplasma Bovis? Independent chair of the M bovis programme Kelvan Smith explains. 


Ministry for Primary Industries’ principal scientist and Ray Brougham Trophy winner Gerald Rys shares his journey of 45 years in the public service.

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