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My Daily Digest: March 11, 2021

NZ Pork a win-lose situation  The New Zealand pork industry is still waiting for the Government to act on country of origin labelling for imported pork, which they say is reared using practices that are illegal here.

Country of origin labelling is a tricky subject in NZ because while many exporters would benefit, some would be put at a disadvantage.

NZ milk powder, for instance, can have other ingredients added to it before it is consumed and that makes labelling complex. 

Different requirements in our various export markets make packaging costly and complex as well.

But at the end of the day, people have a right to know what they’re serving up to their family.

Figuring out a way to retain market access for all foods, while giving transparency and assurance to consumers, must be achievable.


Bryan Gibson


CCC urges farmers to take action

New Zealand risks missing its Paris climate change target unless farmers take more aggressive action to reduce methane emissions, the Climate Change Commission is warning.



Tight labour market for new season

A lower than expected unemployment rate and ongoing covid-induced border restrictions could see the chronic staffing shortages many farmers have faced over the past 12 months continue in the new season.



Quad safety gets ACC support

The halo-like shape of roll bars on quad bikes are proving telling symbols for those farmers whose lives have been saved by them, with many more likely to be installed thanks in part to ACC subsidising the cost.



NZK takes a hit in covid markets

New Zealand King Salmon (NZK) maintained its sales volume and revenue but took a hit in the net profit for the six months ended December 31.



Farrowing crate review underway

The pork industry remains concerned over the lack of viable alternatives following a High Court decision in November that left pig farmers facing an uncertain future.


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